How to Select the Perfect Wallpaper Without Being Overwhelmed!

Selecting wallpaper can be challenging when faced with the many choices in style, pattern, and colour that are available. Here are some tips to help narrow down your selection and choose the perfect wallpaper for your home.
Pleasant Black&White Kitchen Wallpaper R1523
1. Pay attention to the existing Style of the space and the type of Space you are wallpapering

Identify and understand the space you are working with. In an active space bold bright colours are appropriate while in a space for rest can be achieved with soft calm hues. Also account for the style of your home and your personal style whether it be contemporary, traditional, or transitional you will be able to significantly narrow down your options and make a focused selection.
Elegant Silver Living Room Wallpaper – R1559
2. Use Colour to Create Mood

Colour has a strong psychological effect and plays a large role in defining the mood and ambience of any space. Dark colours make a space intimate and cozy while adding a luxurious, rich feel. Light colours are soothing and can make a space appear more open. When selecting colours don’t forget what else is in the space and make sure to draw colours into your space from your wallpaper or vice versa to create cohesion. Don’t forget to take lighting into account as well and test out samples in your space as colours appear very different under various light sources.
Valentine Touch Wallpaper Mural – M8609
3. Pattern

Look at the scale of your space to decide whether a large or small pattern is appropriate. A striped pattern can elongate a space if applied horizontally or can add the illusion of height if applied vertically.
Wind Dim Home Office Wall Ideas – R1173
If pattern is too much for you try a great tone on tone or textural wallpaper to achieve a sense of depth and movement.
Rose’s Rose Wallpaper Living Room – R1465
If you’re daring you can mix patterns to create a highly rich vivid scheme. Just be sure to work with various pattern scales and play off of existing colours to create harmony.

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