Vintage Laundry Sign

Don’t you just love rustic, vintage signs? Read on to find out how Cait from Little City Farmhouse used our Image Transfer Medium to create this beautiful antique-style laundry sign!
Hello there!
I’m popping in today to share with you a really fun DIY decor project for your home using the Country Chic Image Transfer Medium! This was the first time I had used this project, and I watched the tutorial video for helpful hints!
I started with a round board that I bought at my local craft store. First, I painted it with a coat of Cheesecake in the All-In-One paint. When it was really good and dry, I started working on the image transfer. I printed a reverse image (this is really important or your image will be backwards when you’re done!), and then cut it out. I painted my entire board with a thin coat of the Image Transfer Medium – I didn’t want a little ridge of medium around my image because I wanted to paint it after, so I coated the entire board. Then I smoothed my image onto the board and let it fully dry.
When it was dry, I used a fairly wet cloth in circular motions to gently scrub off the paper.
When it was dry I really distressed it. I wanted it to look really old and worn. The image transfer medium on the rest of the board dried with the most beautiful texture, so I really wanted to highlight that! I used the Country Chic Clear Glaze mixed first with Cobblestone and worked it on and off all over the board until I was happy with it. I then added some Pebble Beach to my glaze to lighten some areas up.
When the glaze was really dry, I worked in some Antique Wax to further highlight the texture and add some extra depth.
I absolutely love how this turned out! Once my laundry room is complete it will hang in there happily! If you’re looking for some original home decor and a fun project, try out the Image Transfer Medium!

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