Why the Letter "J" Brought Me Joy.

It all began when I bought a wooden letter "J". Then my mind started in on how and what I was going to do with this letter J. I started grabbing this and that..that I had around for re purpose crafts trying to create something with what I had. A piece of wood, bars from a cradle and then a trip into the woods to find a Y. Well after playing around with it for a while I changed my mind. Us girls are good at changing our minds. So I knew I still wanted to use the "J" and the piece of scrap wood and to make a Christmas sign that said "JOY". Here is what I came up with.
I grabbed my letter and spray painted it red. My scrap piece of wood was already white.
Then I got into my odds and ends Christmas bin and used what was in there. Little red beads, a beaded center wreath, and some chrismas bulbs. The whole thing cost me 49 cents and that was the letter "J".
I painted using a stencil green leafs and added little red berries.
Now it's ready to hang for the holidays.
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