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I have been gardening for about 20 years - back in the days when Internet was not as developed as it is today. Most of what I have learned has been by trial and error. Although Hostas are hearty plants, some species are more likely to attract slugs. UGH.
1. Shade and Sun Exposure - The average hosta thrives in a shady garden, with only filtered light. New varieties are considered more sun tolerant - although my garden spot is still a little too sunny for those varieties. As the summer season progresses in New Jersey, USA, the hostas have shown me that they are not as sun tolerant as I had hoped. I plan to set up a garden umbrella to protect my plants for the remainder of this season, until I am able to to transplant them when the weather is more temperate.
2. Slug Repellents - I have tried beer traps, but the slugs that invade my garden at night are not thwarted by my traps! Likely because I have very large plants....and I prefer not to use beer as it attracts other unwelcome activity. I prefer to use a store-bought slug repellent from my local garden center. In the warmer summer months....I have noticed that my prize Hostas faced attack overnight!
Rain must have washed away the repellent's efficacy - so my Hostas were attacked overnight this week. Sigh..... I cut down the holey leaves, and reapplied the repellent.
3. Avoid Soaker Hoses - Hostas do not like overly very damp soil - so avoid using soaker hoses where they are planted. This encourages the damp, dark conditions in which slugs thrive.
4. Keep low lying leaves elevated - Gently tie twine around the base of your precious hostas to keep low-lying, heavy leaves off the soil level. Slugs easily climb onto the low-lying leaves and invade. Keep an eye on your plants as they grow larger throughout the season - save those gorgeous leaves!
5. Moles and Voles! - I encourage you to please share your tips for humanely getting rid of these critters from my garden. It's been a busy week of thunderstorms daily, high humidity and new tenants in my garden. All are enemies of the Hostas. Help!
The bottom line is - pay attention to your garden - vigilance is key!
Hope I made you smile and Happy Hometalking!

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  • Hostas from local garden centers and big-box stores   (Home Depot, local nurseries)

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  • Ann christopulos Ann christopulos on Jul 22, 2016
    My Hostas have beautiful flowers...if I were to cut them after they are done blooming will my Hosta plants survive longer.....

  • PK PK on Jun 04, 2017
    I love Hostas. However we too have moles and voles. Thankfully no slugs. I have a hostas garden and I noticed that some of my hostas didn't come back this year. The reason is I think the Moles and Voles got to them. Those that are came back, were because I planted them in a hardware cloth (wire) basket I made. That is the only difference between those that survived and those that didn't. I hope that helps with those little varmints.