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In the eternal battle between gardeners and pests, Vicks VapoRub emerges as an unexpected yet formidable weapon.

Beyond its traditional uses for cold relief, Vicks possesses unique properties that make it a powerhouse in pest control.

Prepare to be amazed as we uncover the myriad of ways in which Vicks VapoRub can elevate your gardening game and preserve your precious plants and your sanity.

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Vicks Vaporub mosquito repellent

1. Repel Mosquitoes

Apply Vicks VapoRub around the edges of plant pots or along garden borders to repel insects like ants, mosquitoes, and spiders.

The strong scent of menthol and eucalyptus in Vicks acts as a natural deterrent for many pests, keeping them away from your plants.

Vicks hacks for your garden

2. Deter Cats

Cats often use gardens as litter boxes, but they dislike the strong smell of menthol.

Smearing Vicks VapoRub on surfaces where cats tend to dig or spray can discourage them from entering your garden, preserving your plants and keeping the area clean.

How to deter deers

3. Prevent Deer Damage

Deer can wreak havoc on gardens by munching on plants and flowers. Create a barrier by spreading Vicks VapoRub on fences or posts surrounding your garden.

The potent scent is unpleasant for deer, deterring them from venturing further into your garden.

Rub Vicks on the base of trees to deter squirrels

4. Keep Squirrels Away

Squirrels can be notorious garden pests, digging up bulbs and munching on fruits and vegetables.

Apply Vicks VapoRub to the base of trees, bird feeders, or other areas where squirrels are a problem. The strong smell will discourage them from coming near, protecting your garden produce.

Deter slugs and snails

5. Repel Slugs and Snails

Coat the rims of plant pots or the edges of raised beds with Vicks VapoRub to deter slugs and snails.

The strong scent disrupts their sensory receptors, making them less likely to crawl over treated areas and feast on your plants.

Rubbing Vicks on a cotton ball

6. Repel Rodents

Keep rodents like mice and rats out of your garden shed or storage area by placing cotton balls soaked in Vicks VapoRub in strategic locations.

Rodents dislike the strong scent and will avoid areas where it is present, helping to protect your gardening tools and supplies.

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Best Vicks VapoRub hacks

Vicks VapoRub Hacks For Your Garden

From repelling insects and felines to thwarting deer and rodents, Vicks emerges as a natural, cost-effective solution for maintaining a pest-free paradise.

With these innovative Vicks VapoRub hacks in your gardening toolkit, your green space is poised to thrive like never before.

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  • Anna Anna on May 28, 2024
    If it repels mosquitoes and ants, what about the other, beneficial, insect? How will they be affected? Spider are also beneficial so no need to keep them away.
  • Psitz624 Psitz624 on May 29, 2024
    What about rattlesnakes?
  • Esty Esty 4 days ago
    what about cats? has anyone tried that?
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  • Daisy@TX Daisy@TX on May 31, 2024
    Yes I will try this.I will smear on a plastic lid and place in and around plant pots and flower beds.
  • Donna Bates Donna Bates on Jun 05, 2024
    I have tried this and it works!!! Thank goodness squirrels are staying away!! However, I put the Vicks in little condiment containers with a cover and poked holes in the covers. So next time I just add Vicks to the container again. Thank you for posting this and I did say I will try it and I’m glad I did!!!