How to Make a Basement Laundry Room Window Smile

4 Materials
I bought a wonderful old 1916 Craftsman with a tragic basement. It hadn't be cared for in decades
A scary space. No money to improve it
First, we got rid of clutter and then painted everything in sight, flat white.
Everything fresh and new except the window!
The windows were pathetic. But we had no money to do "treatments". Then we thought, "This is a laundry room in a basement. Why not have fun with it?" So we found sisal twine, Target clearance handkerchiefs and newborn socks. All under $8.00
Miniature Clothesline shadowbox!
We just simple created three clotheslines. On the back one we hung one handkerchief "bedsheet" On the second, we flanked it with two more handkerchief "bedsheets". On the third, we suspended our newbie socks. It's not fancy. The room can't be fancy. But it can be friendly. If we'd had more time it would have been fun to find some dollclothes tee shirts, dresses, etc.
Suggested materials:
  • Sisal twine   (Michaels)
  • Target mens handkerchiefs and newborn socks   (Target)
  • 12 eyehooks   (Home Depot)
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