My Parlor Table

Just a little table, not very big at all, but what a cutie!
Found her years ago in a second hand shop sitting in a corner with a cloth over the top. She didn't need much love and care then, just a new home so....she came to live with me.
She has a tiny little drawer which might hold one book but...she has character. First thing I did was sand her down for paint. She needed a new look. After sanding and priming, I went through my bookmarks and links to see what I wanted to do with her. Since she was already IN my Parlor and that is pink and grey tones, she needed to blend in but still be "seen". I chose to spray paint her with a red base.
I know....VERY bright!!!! next step was to do a second coat in Almond. Nice soft color.
Yes...the little drawer got spray painted red did the wood knob drawer pull.
And...the drawer and pull also got a coat of Almond.
Now...she got sanded...again. I just wanted to let the base color show through a bit.
I think she turned out pretty nice. I switched out the wood drawer pull for a glass one that I found at Hobby Lobby. REALLY love how it adds to the vintage look of this table!
Doing a happy dance here!!! She looks so at home in the Parlor now. Not like a piece that was stuck in a corner but, deserves a spot light placement.
Now...what should I work on table.....chair....set of table and chairs....hmmmmmm.......
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