That’s Aint No Bull! Stain Shaded Coffee Table Makeover

3 Materials
5 Days
Again, and again I go back to stain shading. It has become an addiction and an obsession. I am constantly looking for solid wood pieces to put a design on. I received this coffee table in a three piece set and it did not match the side tables so I just stuck it back waiting for the right idea to come along. I was shopping with my daughters at the Home Store and noticed all the skulls and succulents mixed in with the farm decor and instantly wanted to do a skull with flowers. I decided on a longhorn skull and sunflowers.
The table is a nice big sturdy table that had been painted at some time. I started sanding and noticed right away I would have to use a light hand when sanding or hit particle board underneath the thin wood top.
Sanded and picture drawn on with pencil. I used 120grit sand paper. No lower no higher. I feel this Grit grabs the stain the best and still leaves a smooth surface.
I used miniwax espresso stain. This is the first coat. I let dry completely overnight and then applied another coat. To create the image with the stain I use my finger wrapped in a soft cloth dipped in stain and all excess dabbed off. I also use various brushes dipped in stain and excess dabbed off. It is a tedious process of going over and over to achieve the color you want.
I make my own chalk paint because I have such a great choice of colors. To make the chalk paint I use 1cup latex flat paint, 1/4 cup plaster of Paris and 1/8 cup of water. I mix it in an old blender for a few minutes. I used a storm grey paint for the bottom.
I stained the drawer the same as the top and used gold knobs to replace the old dated handles.
I sealed the chalk paint with semi gloss wipe on poly and the top with One coat Polyurethan.
I used a heat gun and wire brush to get in the crevices, and I cannot tell you how much I love using the heat gun instead of chemical stripper!
All done. I sealed the chalk paint with semi gloss wipe on poly and the top with One coat Polyurethan.
Suggested materials:
  • Miniwax Espresso wood stain   (Walmart)
  • Chalk paint-homemade   (Walmart)
  • Miniwax semi gloss wipe on poly   (Home depot)
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