4 Pringles Can Hacks

Kara S.
by Kara S.
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You can't tell me you've never made the duck face with 2 Pringles anytime in your life. I mean, who doesn't love Pringles? With all my empty cans I've decided to create 4 can up cycles using 2 large and 2 snack size containers.
I first used the red container and wrapped it in silver striped wrapping paper and hot glued it to the can.
Next, I used a silicone hot pad and inserted it inside the container. This fit almost perfectly.
This made a perfect hot tools holster! With the hot pad inside, this makes it pretty heat resistant, making it the perfect cooling place for when you are finished using it. Not to mention it matched my decor perfect!
For the next can, I painted it with chalk paint and added a chalkboard sticker. I cut 2 crisscross slits in the lid push the bags through.
This made the perfect shopping bag storage! No more pesky bags taking up the entire space under my sink. Now they are all rolled up and in the perfect dispenser.
Next with the smaller container I wrapped with paper and attached a magnet strip to the back.
This was the perfect pen and pencil holder to use next to my notepad on my fridge. I can never find a pen when writing my grocery list and now I have them all in one place! This upcycle is so versatile!
Finally, I used a snack sized container and wrapped it in marble contact paper. I then cut a half circle out of the bottom of the can with an exacto knife. I put small cotton pads inside and replaced the lid for this project.
Voila! The perfect cotton pad dispenser! This is great for kids or just to keep organized! This also looks great on your counters and saves space.
Now you have the perfect excuse to eat as many Pringles as you want. I mean you're doing it for the DIY, right?
Suggested materials:
  • Pringles Cans   (Grocery Store)
  • Wrapping Paper   (Target)
  • Silicone Pad   (Christmas Tree Shops)
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  • Arlene S. King Arlene S. King on Jan 08, 2017
    About the "silicone pad" you said you got at a Christmas store....could you not find them in "kitchenwares" in almost any store??? (what size was it?) Also, your pad, as pictured, looks a lot like the kneeling pads I use in my garden.....but I know they would melt if a hot tool were to touch it!

  • Bonnie Bonnie on Jan 21, 2017
    How did you get the greasy feel and potato chip smell outback of the cans?

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  • Maude  LaFountain Maude LaFountain on Nov 22, 2017
    I love all these Idea's and I have some pringles cans I have been saving for some kind of project...now I got 4 of them I can do ....thanks for posting ....

  • Jbird68 Jbird68 on May 09, 2019

    The short pringles cans are good for holding sunglasses in your car. If your sunglasses come with a protective bag that cinches closed just place the bag in the can and wrap the end of the bag over the sides of the can. I just place the can in my center console and it stays upright. My glasses are no longer floating around in the console. They go in and come out easy.