The Wizard of OZ, My Rendition of "The Tin Man"

Kay Haynes
by Kay Haynes
12 Hours
I LOVE to recycle and this is what I did with my empty cans, pop bottle lids, a few heavy duty wire clothes hanger and a few other items. The cost is around $10 for the screws, Paint, funnel & wooden heart
Mr. Tin Man
My daughter Laurie sent me a picture of a tin man many years ago and I fell in love with it. It took a lot of engineering, but I finally got it made. I took it into my Bible study class & ended up making several more for my friends. When I get him all together I paint the entire thing with chrome spray paint, especially the plastic funnel, and then add the little red wooden heart. Now he hangs in my garden with some of my other whimsies.
Items needed
. Since I was making several Tin Men, it was easier & faster so I made templates to ensure all the holes were in the right place.
Marking holes for feet.
Getting ready to make the "FEET or shoes from pop cans and Sardine cans. Marking where the screws will go.
Starting the screws in the bottom of the can so they will line up with the holes in the pop cans.
Placement is right
Now attaching the shoe to the pop can. There are MANY more steps & I have pictures, so I could email them to who ever wants to make one of these bad boys : )
Tin Man Army
My old buddy
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  • Carol Carol on Jun 27, 2022

    Please send me the full instructions.

    thank you

  • Ruby Ruby on Sep 27, 2022

    And I would like a list also...Tin Man is so cute! You must be so busy... can u email to me?

  • Kathleen Kathleen on Nov 13, 2022

    I would like copy of instructions

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