How to Create Expensive Looking Planters for Close to $0

by Maddiy.martini
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I love tasteful and festive holiday decor in the winter. I wanted to spruce up the entryway with holiday planters, but have seen them for upwards of $50 at my local grocery stores and greenhouses.

Holiday planter ideas


I learned that most Christmas tree farms create piles of boughs cut from trees to make wreaths, garlands, and pre-made planters and that you can go in and gather boughs for free!

Christmas tree boughs

Christmas tree boughs

I went to my local tree farm, Hanson Tree Farm in Anoka, MN and this was the case! I took home some free and unwanted boughs from recently cut Christmas trees. I even got some hot chocolate and sat by the fire for a bit.

Red berry and pussy willow stems

Red berry and pussy willow stems

Next, I went to Goodwill and got some red berry and pussy willow stems really inexpensively. If you wanted to be picky about your stems you could order them or purchase them new as well. I wanted to buy fake ones so that I could reuse them every year in my planters.

Filling the planter with Christmas tree boughs

1. Fill the planter

After arranging some of the boughs from the tree farm in the planter, I placed several rocks on top of the stems of the boughs to hold them in place.

Tucking and arranging the stems

2. Tucking the stems

Then I began tucking the pussy willow and red berry stems under the rocks and arranging them.

DIY holiday planter

3. Add pine cones

I added pinecones to cover the rocks and voila!

DIY holiday planter

I think the planter turned out so nice and is such a great decoration for our front steps in the winter months. The boughs typically look green and full of life until late March here in MN. The snow makes the planters look even more magical!

DIY Christmas Decorations

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Suggested materials:
  • Boughs   (Hanson Tree Farm)
  • Stems   (Goodwill)
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