Clock as a Table!

2 Materials
30 Minutes
I have owned this outdoor clock for many years and never had it hanging outside! I thought it was a great idea about 15 years ago but have just had it sitting around until lately. Then, I saw this makeup table stool at the local antique shop!
This is the clock I bought many years ago. It is made of Resin and the glass and cover have vents in them to let out the rain/humidity. I found it in my basement this spring and brought it out again thinking I was going to hang it up on our new deck!
When I saw the stool at the antique shop something clicked in my head that they were about the same size as this clock! What a great little side table it would make. I started by taking off the top and using hot glue to seal the glass to the cover/edge.
I filled the gap in completely with the glue and went back around a couple times to make sure it was all sealed.
The legs had small tabs on them to hold on a piece of plywood or something for the original seat. I got some small wood screws, about a half inch long and just screwed them right into the resin. The edge is thicker to hold the glass away from the clock mechanism so it worked perfect! Talk about luck!
Once I got the legs screwed on I just flipped it over! I put a battery in the clock part, the other part is a thermometer.
The battery only worked for a little while but quit, probably due to the weather. But I set it, and now it is always 5:00 on my deck! The whole project only took about 15 years to complete, and I'm amazed that the glass never got broken with all the time it spent in storage, but I am really happy with the outcome!
Suggested materials:
  • Low temp hot glue
  • Clock
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