Styrofoam Garden Pot People-

by Teri
4 Materials
Get ready to adopt some new friends for you garden. These are allot of fun to make and a real conversation piece.
July Challenge
First you find the styrofoam heads that holds wigs. You can sometimes find them at garage sales, 2nd hand stores, or salons. I mark the top of the heads with a marker where I will cut the top off. Then I grab my drill and drill out the head.
I drill it deep enough to hold a plant.
Then I grabbed a can of spray paint and sprayed them. I use any spray paint and keep a far enough distance when spraying them.
Now you can start playing make-up artist and create your head. I used acrylic paint and gathered some things to give her a touch of class.
Wired earrings, green leafs for her necklace with a real bee hive brooch.
You can have them on a base of some sort, stake, or sit them on the ground.
Suggested materials:
  • Styrofoam wig holders
  • Spray paint
  • Wire-earrings
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