Solar Outdoor Table Lamp

Nancy J
by Nancy J
I have solar lights all around the garden, but needed something for my side porch table & there are no outlets, so I came up with this, taking bits & pieces from other DIYs I have seen.
Supplies: Dollar store items: Mason type jar, clear glass bowl, ceramic bowl $3. Walmart: Solar light (I chose the color changing, but there is the option to keep it white on this one) $2.97....I had on hand iridescent stones, duct tape, glass votive, clear outdoor adhesive. E-6000 is my go to, but all I had was Loc-tite stick & seal (not shown) worked great, just runnier than E-6000.
Step 1: you will need to poke a hole in the center of the lid, I used a phillips head screwdriver and gently tapped with a hammer (with lid on the jar) until it was large enough for the LED to set in, just gently, doesn't need much pressure to poke through (this solar light has 2 lights, one color changing and one white)
Step 2: Unscrew lid and add about 2-3 inches of glass stones
Step 3: Add votive. Note: This is totally optional, I just happened to have on that fit perfectly in the opening of the jar without falling through, I just think it gives off more of a glow when illuminated, if the votive has an etched or texture of some kind.
Step 4: Disassemble solar light, I will save the lens/globe and metal stake for something else. You just need the top, place over lid and make sure LED/s are in the hole. Next cut a length of duck tape (I cut it and then cut in lengthwise in half) tape the light to the lid (this is securing it temporarily, in case you need to change the batteries and keeps out the elements, such as moisture,rain,bugs) Don't worry about the neatness because it will be hidden, just make sure it is on good.
Step 5:Now you're ready to glue. VERY gently, turn your jar upside down (be careful that the stones don't break the LED lights, so VERY gently and your ceramic bowl and wipe the surface with alcohol on paper towel or cotton (this is to remove any dust,finger oils,etc) you will also be wiping the solar light top and the inside bottom of the clear glass bowl, so keep it handy. Put a bead of glue on each surface (in the case of the Loc-Tite you are required to let each piece set for 5 minutes before attaching) I do not do this with the E-6000.
Step 6: Flip over the jar and attach it to the bottom of the bowl (the bowl is your base and I chose ceramic for weight and balance) Forgot to mention, make sure that your jar and bowl bottoms are the same size or the bowl is a little wider, while you are still in the store, if you can't find any size to match, you can place a ceramic or glass saucer between the 2 surfaces, must glue & wait until set before gluing on jar. Let this set for a good while, overnight would be good. You don't want to go onto the next step yet, because it will shift. Note: When this is completely dry, you may come back and glue some stones around where the 2 bases meet. I will be doing that, as soon as I get E-6000, the loc-tite was too runny.
Step 7: A bead of glue around the top of the solar light, make sure you don't cover the panel or glob it on too thick. Then place the clear glass bowl on top (upside down, to look like a shade)and make sure it is centered and press. You will see the glue spreading as you center and press, which is why you shouldn't go to heavy with it. If you do, carefully lift the bowl off and with a toothpick or popsicle stick (something you can pitch) scrape some of the glue and try again.
Step 7: Stack a couple of books on top and let dry overnight, the glue will still be a little flexible in the morning. but if it is a nice warm, sunny day, you can put it outside to charge the solar and finish the drying.
Step 8: I made 3, I only had 1 votive, but if I find more to fit, I can always add them to the others. These are the lamps charging and finishing drying.
All charged!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Notice how the glass votive cup illuminates more? My sister in law and next door neighbor already took hers, and put it on her patio table. I will be giving the one with the red bowl to my sister, it will match her outdoor chair cushions. It seems like a ton of steps, but these can be made very quickly, just have to wait for the glue to dry.
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