The Canoe Pond

The Pond Digger
by The Pond Digger
This is one of the coolest abstract pond ideas I've seen. One of our out of state clients sent me this photo. I just love it!
Enjoy this interesting Canoe Pond. Oxymoron?
Here is another angle! I love the change from the lower level of grade to the top of the deck. Note how the bottom of the canoe is buried slightly into the landscape as if it was water. Enjoy
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  • Dianne Fulton Cassara Dianne Fulton Cassara on Nov 23, 2016
    do you have to treat the inside of the canoe with anything or just fill with water and fish/plants? what is the best filter/pump to use with this?
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  • Amber Griffin Amber Griffin on Mar 04, 2019

    I'm going to try this in my back yard this year and would love to see how yours is progressing. I'm still not sure how I'm going to do pump and filter set up.

  • Pamela Stine Pamela Stine on Apr 21, 2020

    I am trying to do this right now! I have the canoe, the pumps and aerators are ordered, and I have a list of plants I want to purchase. I also plan to add fish and snails and tadpoles. Do I need to seal the inside of the canoe, and if so, what do I use? Can I paint the inside of the canoe? What paint? Really looking for answers as soon as possible!! Thanks!

    • Judi Judi on Apr 14, 2021

      I’m trying to figure out the same thing. I have the exact canoe. Was curious amd I have heard that the aluminum could leak chemicals and kill the fish.

      if you could let me know what you did?

      thank you!