7 Simple Steps to Makeover Your Front Porch for Summer

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Today, I’m going to share 7 simple steps to makeover your front porch for the summer.

By adding a few pillows, a couple of rugs and some plants.

It will create a comfortable place to lounge for the summer.

Here are some before photos.

As you can see this porch needs a little TLC.

The way it’s set up isn’t inviting.

My goal is to create some cozy places to sit and drink coffee in the mornings.

Or to read a good book as the weather gets nice and warm.

Here is another view of the front porch before the makeover.

The little grey side table on the right has taken a beating these last few years.

It is time to retire it and maybe even give it a makeover. We’ll see if I can save it.

Leaves and dirt has blown up every where.

My other goal is to clean the cement and give it a good sweep.

And to use what I have, like the lanterns, flower pots and furniture.

In the before photo below, I have this rocking chair on the other side of the porch.

This has been in my family since I was 10 years old or so.

I know it needs to get loved on and a nice new coat of paint.

That’s a goal.

But for now, I will rearrange and include it in this makeover as is.

The brown rug is ratty.

This rug (in the photo above) has seen better days.

It will be reused somewhere else. Like my garage entrance way.

I have some ideas of what else will go here.

So keep reading.

You will see the reveal shortly!

The beautiful white floral barrel ring wreath will stay.

At the beginning of Spring I made this barrel ring wreath.

It is gorgeous!

So it will stay and continue to be the show stopping beauty on my front door.

Here is the link where I share how to make this barrel ring wreath, here.

And a video taking you step by step on how to make this barrel ring wreath. So, if you want to make it, I will show you how!

Now it is time to show you how you can transform your porch with these simple steps below.

No matter what your porch looks like.

I am hoping you are inspired to see how some simple additions can add beauty to your front porch.

It will take you between 20 to 30 minutes to get this look for your front porch.

Some of the things I will add are:

  1. Pillows
  2. Potted plants and flowers
  3. 2 new rugs

If you like the pillows and rugs I added, you too can find them for your home by following the links below as I describe them.

Now, let me take you through the 7 simple steps to makeover your front porch for summer.

Step 1: Remove everything off of the porch to give it a good clean.

Removing all of the front porch furniture, rug, lanterns, and planters.

Now to step 2: Thoroughly sweep the leaves and dirt.

Start with giving the whole porch area a good sweep.

Step 3: Put all the furniture back in a cozy and inviting arrangement.

Placing furniture in a cozy way will invite your family and friends to come out on a sunny day and kick their feet up to relax.

I’m looking forward to coming out in the mornings to drink my coffee before I start my day.

I put the wicker chair and ottoman in the corner since it gives it a cozy feel.

Having the wicker loveseat and table closer to the door, it makes you want to sit for a moment and enjoy the outdoors.

Step 4: Sweep leaves and dirt off of furniture.

If your porch furniture is super dirty, you can spray it with some cleaner and wipe them down with a cloth.

Or spray with a hose for plastic patio furniture.

Wicker furniture needs a little more care and requires a light cleaning.

So, using a broom works great, too!

Step 5: Add some plants and flowers.

I am filling up this pot with some fresh potting soil.

Luckily I had this nice big planter from last year.

When choosing plants for your porch, you want to find ones that are good for shaded areas.

For this arrangement, I am adding 2 ferns in the back.

And a flowy blue floral plant (unsure of the name) that will fall beautifully over the planter as it grows.

Photo of the plants I added to this front porch makeover.

Unsure what the names of all the plants are.

But a viewer on my YouTube channel shared with me the name of the pink one below.

It is called, Foxglove!

It’s a beautiful shaded plant that adds such a bright pop of color.

I love it!!!

Step 6: Add pillows to your front porch furniture.

I am in love with these front porch pillows!

In person, these three pillows have the same off white canvas like fabric that goes perfectly together.

I promised you links!

Here is the link to the Paris 5 Pink floral pillow cover, here.

And a link to the “Farmers Market” pillow cover, here.

And this “ Porch Sweet Porch” pillow is the perfect addition to a front porch makeover.

Don’t you think?

Here is the link to this pillow, here.

On the other side of the porch, I place this beautiful hot pink floral pillow on the wicker chair.

I show another way to arrange the pillows by putting the “Porch Sweet Porch” pillow there.

Up close photo of the Hydrangea pillow.

This pillow cover is a crisp white.

Here is the link to the hydrangea pillow, here.

Step 7: Add a bright cheerful front door mat and buffalo checkered rug.

This was my inspiration for this front porch makeover.

The bright pink flowers on this welcome rug, here, had the exact look I was looking for to put on this front porch.

It greets my guests with anticipation of what they are about to see inside my home.

Here is an up close photo of the welcome mat.

The buffalo checkered rug gives this a great look.

Linking that rug, here.

I hope you were inspired by these 7 simple steps to makeover your front porch for summer.

My motto is to inspire you that it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to make your home beautiful.

By adding some cheery pillows, plants, and rugs, this makeover was inexpensive and super easy.

If you enjoyed these 7 simple steps to makeover your front porch for summer, please comment below.

I’d love to hear if you implement any of these super cute pillows!

Or added the rugs and some planted flowers to your front porch.

You can watch how I put this front porch together by following the link below to my YouTube video.

Thanks for coming by Victorian Lane Farms!

Until next time.

Bye for now!

Suggested materials:
  • Porch Sweet Porch Pillow   (Amazon)
  • Hydrangea Pillow   (Amazon)
  • Farm Pillow   (Amazon)
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