Country Bedside Tables Get a Glamorous Makeover for My Master!

2 Materials
3 Hours

I had been looking for two new bedside tables for my master bedroom for several months when I finally came upon these! Yeah, they're pretty much nothing like I was hoping for however, they have all the elements I wanted. Curves, country and some kind of storage. Of course I had to pop over and buy two little wicker baskets for storage but they fit so perfect it was clearly meant to be!

Everything about those little tables was the wrong color though and oh so fake country - honestly I couldn't really stand them as they were. But that's an easy fix!

First I got out my sander, you can see they were already in pretty bad shape (probably from 20 years of people setting wet glasses on them) but I still needed to hit them pretty hard to remove all of the glossy finish and give my paint something to adhere to.

I had black gloss Rustoleum left over for another project so I used it here!

The thing about Rustoleum however is that it is not like normal paint and takes some getting used to. It is also ridiculously expensive and I would NOT have used it here had I not already had some on hand. (Like I said I would have sprayed these tables instead.) It is VERY thick, imagine painting with black glue that sticks to everything and you'll have a good idea of what you're getting into with this stuff. 

First coat always looks bad and then BOOM second coat and it is just gorgeous. I also like that, because it is so thick, it leaves a texture behind when you put it on with a brush that really reminds me of something old so, of course, it fits right in here.

I did two coats of black Rustoleum (going right over those fake black "hinges" they have on their sides) and now I just love them. I think they fit right in and I can't wait to show you guys my "new" master bedroom when it is all complete!

Suggested materials:
  • Rustoleum paint   (Ace Hardware)
  • End tables   (Thrift Store)
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