Half Moon Table Recreated

by Kaye
4 Materials
3 Weeks
I have always loved half-moon tables but never found one to purchase. Until that is I passed a lawn sale and hit the brakes. I always learn something with each piece I work on, but with this piece, I learned a lot!
I decided I had to strip the paint from this piece before I could really work on it. Big mistake, whatever this was, it wasn't paint. The stripper turned into a liquid ink. I wound up scraping the "ink" off the table into a bucket that never has hardened. I went through numerous rags trying to get the glop off of the legs. Memo - do a test patch unless you are 100 percent sure it is strippable paint.

As the piece appeared so tiny, I wanted to add more substance to it. After much research on line and some definite mis-buys I found dentil trim that could be bent in a semi-circle on Amazon. I could only glue onto something solid in three places, so I spent the next hour making sure the glue on the "arch" stayed in place. Love that wood glue.

I also decided to add a shelf over the cross braces. I found that what appears to be a easy peasy trace of the top shelf did not come close to fitting the bottom. After numerous trim downs and sanding - it fit.

I decided to put a stencil on the top before staining and painting. The stencil went on easily but I re-learned the benefits of putting lots of pre-stain conditioner on before staining. I wanted to stain the dentil molding but as it was a completely different wood and already stained - I determined paint was the better option.
To get my paint color, I played with my acrylics until I found a dark gray I liked. I painted it on a white paper plate and took it in for a sample size match. (Note: the paint mixer commented that putting color on white makes it much easier for them to get a perfect match.)
Suggested materials:
  • Paint   (Hardware store)
  • Dentil molding   (Amazon)
  • Stain
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  • Kaye Kaye on Jun 22, 2017

    Thanks for sharing, I will have to look into what that means. Thanks.

  • Kaye Kaye on Jun 23, 2017

    Hmm, never thought of that. Ive heard of it but not for a long time guess that makes sense as it is an old table and I have an old memory!