DIY Craftsman Window Trim

1 Hour
DIY Craftsman Style Window Trim

Materials Per Window:- (2) 1x2- (2) 1x3- (2) 1x6- 1x4——————- nail gun/nails- wood filler- sander or sandpaper- caulk - oil based primer- trim paint- saw to cut boards
The Build

The apron, sides, and header will all be the same length and your sill, top and crown will be the same length.
We wanted the sill, top and crown come out an inch past the apron, sides and header.
Before you install make sure you sand your wood properly, use pre primed wood to make this even easier!
attach your apron to the wall first and make sure sit is level, you will fill with caulk later so it’s ok if it looks uneven if you have janky walls.

To cut the apron measure the inside of the window wall to wall and the depth from window to where the wall starts. Measure against your apron to assure you also leaving an inch on each side

Your sides will sit on the sill and extend up to the top of the window frame

The will go next and you will mail from the top into the sides and at angle to get the nail into the wall
Remember to have the top go past the sides one inch

The header is next and that will be inline with your sides
Add another 1x2 to the top as the crown

Here’s a direct side by side to see the dramatic difference window frame makes, the window looks so much bigger and more finished now.

Next you’ll use wood filler too fill the nail holes and imperfections in the wood. When that is dry sand with a 220 grit sandpaper.
Prime your wood with an oil based primer to avoid the tannings in the wood coming to the surface after you paint.
Prime, sand with 220 grit sand paper, wipe clean, prime again, sand again, wipe again.

After you are complete done priming/sanding (2 coats) you’ll need to caulk every gap and places where the wood meet walls, window, other sections of wood

Once caulk is dry paint with two coats of a high quality wood/trim/cabinet paint.

This was the first project we did to start adding character to our builder grade home and I think it such a great beginner project to tackle!
If you have any questions about this build please leave me a comment or DM on Instagram and I'll be more than happy to answer it!

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  • Mary Mary on Aug 05, 2021

    Did you add wood pieces to wrap the inside areas of the windows? I’ll have to because of installing new windows. In the pictures, looks like wooden jambs


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  • Mary Mary on Aug 05, 2021

    I clicked on your YouTube and Instagram accounts to try to find you actually measuring, cutting, etc. of the wood, but couldn't find anything there. I had new windows put in (16) and didn't think about the 2 sets of 3 bay windows in my living room. My house is 103 years old, & has been in my family for 68 years. Someone, not us, at one time or another, must have used staples on the window sills of all of those 6 windows. I have caulked to no end to try to fill the zillion holes but they are still noticeable. I wish I had replaced the window sills before or during the new window replacements. There is also layers of paint on the sills, so sanding now is out of the question. I need to take out the old sills and put in new ones, but have no idea of how to do that. Any help would be appreciated. Love your window framing!

    • Jen Jen on Aug 13, 2021

      Hello! In order to remove the old sills, it should be relatively simple, but might be a wrestling match if they are glued and layered with paint and or stains. You could check YouTube for How to remove old window sills, or if I can be of any help feel free to text me at 425-753-0400 with pictures of the project. I've been doing remodeling and maintenance for 20 years, professionally.


    ABSOLUTELY doing this! Thanks!