Easy Valances

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40 Minutes
I needed two valances for my bathroom windows (two different rooms). By using one inexpensive shower curtain and a minimum of cutting and stitching, I was able to get both valances. One valance uses rings and a decorative rod while the other uses a basic rod pocket installation.
The grommet (or buttonhole) edge remains for the valance using rings and decorative rod and the finished hem on the bottom of the shower curtain will be the hem of the rod pocket valance. Each valance only requires one straight line of stitching because three of the sides are already finished from the factory. Each valance only took about 20 minutes to make. Did I mention easy?
Valance #1 (rings & rod): 
Step A - I measured the length of my valance and then made an allowance for the drop from the rings.  To this I added 2”.  
Step B - I took my shower curtain and folded it up lengthwise two times, with the top edges even.  I laid it on a table and smoothed it flat, again making sure the top edges were even with each other.  
Using a tape measure, I marked out the length I needed from the top
I cut across, through all thicknesses of the shower curtain.
Step C - Next, I ironed the curtain so that no wrinkles remained.  I then took the raw edge of the fabric and pressed it up 1” to create a hemline.  I then repeated this for another 1”.  Using a basting stitch on my sewing machine, I sewed the hemline ¾” from the bottom.  I pressed again.
Step D - Lastly, I hung my curtain rod and inserted the rings into the grommets that were already in place on the shower curtain.  I hung the valance on the rod.  See?  Easy Peasy!
Valance #2 (rod pocket): 
A.      Repeat as in Step A above.  When figuring your rod pocket allowance, figure in what you need to fit the rod through the pocket and double that number.
 B.      Repeat as in Step B above, except line up the bottom edges of the shower curtain (hem)
C.     Repeat as in Step C above, except, fold and press down from the raw edge one half of the amount you figured for your seam allowance and repeat.  Sew the rod pocket along the bottom edge of the folded fabric. (this time, the finished edge of the fabric will be your hem) 
D.     Insert your rod through the pocket and hang on the brackets.  Again, Easy Peasy!
Suggested materials:
  • 1 shower curtain (grommet or buttonhole top)   (Home Goods)
  • 1 set of shower curtain rings   (Home Goods)
  • 1 decorative curtain rod   (Home Goods)
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  • T T on Aug 10, 2017
    the finished curtain isn't the same curtain as you started out with in the first picture. The first was a creamed colored curtain and the end pictures it was a dark material curtain?? Im confused, did you not use the cream curtain in the first picture? Has anyone noticed this???

  • Sharlene Franklin Sharlene Franklin on Aug 14, 2017
    Could you make a roman shade out of a shower curtain?

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