Window Painting 101

A step-by-step approach to painting your windows sloppily, yet having everything magically turn out okay. Because when it comes to DIY, skillz and careful preparation will only get you so far, and then they'll waste your time.
Black painted window sashes.
Step 1: Paint your windows. Sloppily. I like to leave a good 1/4- to 1/2-inch line of paint on the glass.
How to paint a window: Step 1.
Step 2: Allow the paint to dry, then gather your sharp objects. I like to use both an Xacto knife and a straight-edge blade, but you could simplify even further and skip the Xacto knife.
How to paint a window: Step 3.
Step 3: Score the paint with the Xacto knife (or the point of a straight-edge), held parallel to the muntin. Take a moment, like I did, to congratulate yourself on learning what those fancy grille-thingies on your window are actually called.
How to paint a window: Step 4.
Step 4: Hold the straight-edge razor parallel to the glass, and scrape the paint off in one long ribbon.
How to paint a window: Step 5.
Step 5: Run the Xacto knife along the muntin again, to clean up the edge.

And voilà! Perfectly painted windows.
How to Paint Windows
I swear this method is faster than taping off the glass, because tape never seems to work that well on glass anyway — so if you have to do some scraping either way, why not skip the taping step? For "Window Painting 102," hop on over to Because I'm just full of tips for people who would rather clean up a mess than put a lot of effort into preventing one in the first place.

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  • DJ DJ on May 08, 2015
    My Sister-In-Law and I just had a contest to see who's window's looked best after painting. I did mine your way and she did her's the taping method. Guess who won! Mine of course! Thanks for sharing will continue to do them your, way so much easier and they look Fantastic afterwards.

  • Vanessa Heavens Vanessa Heavens on Jun 17, 2021

    The sloppy paint method is the way to go! It's so much easier and looks so precise. Looks really great!