Propagating My String Of Bananas Plant Is Fast & Easy

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String Of Bananas is groovy hanging succulent. Mine was getting leggy at the top so I pruned it so I could plant the cuttings back in at the top. Propagating a String Of Bananas plant is easy & fast to do - you'll see!
I pruned off a couple of trails, both about 6-8″ long, to propagate and then plant back in the pot. Planting the cuttings in straight succulent and cactus mix 1st in order to root them is what I wanted to do rather than plant them directly in the hanging pot. I have to climb on a stool to water  the hanging pot (which grows on my patio) so I could better control the moisture if they were in a separate pot. I didn’t want the cuttings to go too dry or stay constantly wet.
1- I took the cuttings, & for the sake of the video, planted them in the mix right away. With thin stemmed cuttings like String Of Bananas or String Of Pearls, I usually let them heal over for 1-3 days before planting.

2-  2 holes were made in the mix with the larger end of the chopstick & I planted them in.

3- The cuttings were secured down with the floral pins. By the way, the pins can be saved & used over again multiple times.

4- Let them settle in for a few days & then gave them a good watering.
The cuttings happily planted in. 
Suggested materials:
  • 6″ Grow pot
  • 2 String Of Hearts cuttings
  • Chopstick
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