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Natural Weed Killer

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Raise your hand if you hate weeds! I totally hate weeds. Can't stand them, and they're always creeping up into my yard, between my pavers, everywhere! Most people I know use that awful poison, and while that works, I do not want to spray that stuff anywhere I step. This recipe is a great organic weed killer. It's definitely the best natural weed killer, and you can easily substitute the apple cider vinegar for white vinegar.
natural weed killer
Here’s some weeds. My weeds. In my yard. I gotta get rid of these.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials
natural weed killer
I used apple cider vinegar, Epsom salt, and a spray bottle. Step 2: Pour the Vinegar in Your Bottle
natural weed killer
I added two cups of apple cider vinegar to the bottle. If your bottle is smaller, then you'll probably have to add less. But don't worry about it; you can always refill. Step 3: Add the Epsom Salt
natural weed killer
I funneled in a 1/4 cup of Epsom salt. Step 4: Shake Well and Spray
natural weed killer
I shook up the bottle until the Epsom salt dissolved. Then I sprayed the weed very well.
natural weed killer
The weeds totally dried up 24 hours later (its pretty hot right now during the summer, so that also helped). I was able to simply brush them away. I'm sure if your weeds are thicker and stronger, you might have to yank them a bit, but this weed killer will definitely help.
natural weed killer
No more weeds! This is the best weed killer!
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  • Karrie McCutcheon
    3 days ago

    Will it kill my grass or the shrubs in my flowerbeds.

    • Karen Shaffer
      30 minutes ago

      I tried this on the weeds & poison ivy in my backyard & it did not work. I was very disappointed. I wanted to try because you're using natural products instead of something that will harm the environment, but sadly , it did not work. Can you suggest anything else?

  • Maddi

    Does it damage the grass

  • Mary Kearney Rose
    3 hours ago

    This is a great idea and I, for one, am going to try it! However, we live in a town with many different varieties of noxious weeds. We are surrounded by weed-ridden yards and it is extremely difficult to get rid of the weeds. In fact, our neighbor has nothing BUT weeds for a yard. It is fighting a losing battle it seems, but weed killers just end up killing the grass as well. I guess my question is: Can it be used in the yard too without any lasting effects like weed killer, or is it just meant for patio weeds?Also, does it have to be apple cider vinegar or can i use any kind? Does it have to be Epsom salt or is kosher salt ok? I will definitely try it on my patio regardless. Thanks for the idea!

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  • Tedward
    2 days ago

    One tablespoon of epsom salts in a gallon of water is an excellent fertilizer. The amount you're using will most likely work to kill the weeds but will also kill anything you plant in the treated area. Vinegar will make your soil acidic so you could grow plants like African violets in the treated area if you leave out the excess epsom salts.

  • Saveria
    2 days ago

    You should stop spraying and pulling, take the time to learn about the different type of weeds they feed a lot of our little critters and you can feed yourself if interested, but please stop with the uniform look of your lawn

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