Shiny Christmas Stars DIY

3 Materials
1 Hour

I would like to share my version of a 3d star. I made it of very simple materials but the result is unexpectedly nice. My video tutorial shows all details:
And a quick overview below: Step 1: Materials: Recycled cardstock such as a cereal box or empty cardstock folder, etc; Aluminum/tin foil which we use for cooking; Pencil, scissors, hot glue gun; 3D star template which can be found in the Internet or just use mine below the video on Youtube.
Step 2: Cut out a 3d star template and trace it to recycled cardstock.
You will need two identical details.
Step 3: Fold a star piece in half at every corner and shape the star. Repeat the same with the other detail.
Step 4: Take a piece of aluminum foil and crumple it with hands carefully.
The better foil is crumpled, the nicer a star will be.
Step 5: Now cut a piece of foil a little bigger when a star and wrap the corners. Video shows how to do it in detail.
Step 6: Shape the star again, it will be easy. Repeat the same with the other star detail. Make sure that the shiny side of aluminum foil is on the front side.
Step 7: Glue any waste paper inside each star detail, glue a ribbon if necessary. After that glue both star pieces together. An important tip! The more paper/foil you insert and glue into a star detail (fill also the corners), the easier it will be to glue the parts together.
Glue star pieces together carefully and without hurry. It's the most responsible part of the project. Hot glue does its job very well but be careful not to burn your fingers.
And you are done!
Such stars can be used as a Christmas tree decoration or you can make a garland or just use them for home decor.
Welcome to my Youtube channel for more DIY and craft tutorials.

Suggested materials:

  • Cereal box
  • Aluminium foil
  • Hot glue gun

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