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DIY Wood Sign Using Paint Sticks

We’ve repainted our house so many times that we have endless paint buckets and a ton of paint sticks laying around. I’ve been really into wood signs that are all over Pinterest and then came across one with paint sticks and H A D to test it out. This cost me NOTHING - yup, free as can be since I have everything already!
Lay your paint sticks with the writing facing up - this will be the backside!
You don't need to but I wanted to even out these pieces so I cut them down with my Ryobi wireless saw.
Sand down the rough edges if you do cut them down.
Grab two other paint sticks and line them vertically/properly spaced out depending on your sign's size. This will secure all the pieces together!
Use wood glue and place them on the back of the board.
I used two weights to ensure that they do not move while drying. Let these dry completely!
Flip it over and now you have a blank canvas! I spray painted mine white but you can stain it if you'd like. Grab some paint and add whatever detail you heart desires!
I wanted to make it look more finished so I measured the edges and grabbed an extra piece of wood that I cut down with my Ryobi table saw to fit around it - like a frame! If you have an old frame that you don't use anymore and it fits, use that.
I am dedicating my Monday's to showing you guys just how quick, easy and cheap DIY's can be but they don't have to look cheap! Have a great week my beautiful Hometalk family - be sure to follow me on Instagram for more creativity.

Materials used for this project:

  • Paint sticks   (Hardware Store)
  • Wood glue   (Hardware Store)
  • Saw (optional)   (Around the house)
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