Murphy Table

You’ve heard of a Murphy bed, now take a look at a Murphy table.
Time: 3 DaysCost: $40Difficulty: Medium
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I found this idea on Pinterest and thought I would be a great idea to make one for my laundry room as a folding table.
The orginial idea was found in a book from 1979 entitled “The Apartment Book”.
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Here are the plans that were including in the pin which I followed except for the mirror tiles.
This table could be used anywhere that a little extra storage is needed. You could even use it as a desk.
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I purchased pine boards and followed the plans cutting the boards to size.
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I decided to use a Kreg Jig to make the joints stronger than just screwing them together.
A-I set the jig at the edge of the board
B-And drilled the holes
C-I applied wood glue to the ends before
D-screwing them together
E-I measured to make sure my shelves were even
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Once I had the cabinet built, I painted it gray.
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For the table
A-I measured
B-and cut MDF to size
C-I placed the legs on top to make sure they fit then removed them and painted them gray.
D-I painted the back of the table with black chalkboard paint (instead of adding the faux window)
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For the table top,
A-I flipped the painted side to the back
and covered the table top with peel and stick wallpaper that I had left over from another project
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Now to connect the table to the cabinet. Using two long piano hinge:
A-Both hinges were longer than the width of the table
B-Using a tin snips,
C-I cut through each side of the hinge then cut through the middle
D-Now the hinges fit the width of the table
E-I screwed one side of the hinge to the table
F-And screwed the other side to the bottom of the cabinet
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I closed the table onto the cabinet and screwed one side of the second hinge to the front of the table (blackboard side) and the other side of the hinge to the legs.
I added a piece of 1/2” plywood to the back of the cabinet
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To attach the Murphy table to the wall,
A-I used a French cleat which comes in two pieces
B-I centered one piece onto the back of the cabinet
C-Measured and screwed the second piece of the cleat to the wall
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To keep the table closed, I added a magnet to the upper right corner of the cabinet and attached a metal bracket onto the front of the table top.
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The chalkboard easily folds down to access the table.
The wallpaper provides a smooth surface so no snagging clothes as they are being folded.
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And the chalkboard is a great place to keep your family organized with the table legs serving as the chalkboard’s frame.
So if space is limited (and even if it’s not) this is a great multi use project for your home.

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