Closet Organization and Hacks


We have lived in our house for almost 17 years now. I consider myself a pretty organized person but as with anyone some spaces in my house get neglected and I would say my closet is one of them. It took me most of the day but I'm really glad it did it and I am excited about the way it turned out.

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  • closet organization and hacks

Here is one of the before pictures. It was a mess, over full, and well in need of TLC!

(Yes, you'll notice the wire hangers - those of you who remember "Mommy Dearest" can totally year the words "No wire hangers" - lol - my husband loves them for his dress shirts.)

  • closet organization and hacks

The first thing I did was gut it, and I mean everything!

I learned my husband had more clothes and shoes than me! What?!!!

  • closet organization and hacks

After gutting it, I vacuumed the floor, the boarder of the floor with a crevice tool, and all the shelves. This would get the worst of the dust out. Next I wiped down all of the shelves, hanging rods, hardware, etc with a clean rag and soapy water.

After everything was empty and cleaned - I measured all the shelves I wanted to organize, came up with a vision, and wrote it down.

  • closet organization and hacks

I went to the Dollar Store and bought these collapsible boxes to store things in.

  • closet organization and hacks

I put my husbands baseball hats stacked in one, my hats stacked in one. I rolled up my leggings (boy was this a space saver) and place them in one as well as my yoga pants. I even have a few extra to spare!

  • closet organization and hacks

I bought pool noodles to put in my boots. I measured a pool noodle in my boot, marked it, and cut it with a saw. Each pool noodle would make 3 inserts for my boots.

  • closet organization and hacks

I had some of these shoe box bins from Dollar Tree but I went and bought a few more for our shoes that would fit in them.

  • closet organization and hacks

I use 2 Command Hooks and a tension rod and hung my bags on them. I was able to hang up 2 rows of them.

  • closet organization and hacks

I made outfits and hung them on one hanger, this helped consolidate space as well.

  • closet organization and hacks

I used pop tabs for some of my husband's shirts. Hook one hole of the pop tab on a hanger and hook another shirt's hook on the other hole. You can do 2 ore more shirts with this method to conserve space.

  • closet organization and hacks

Using a hanger or in my case a jewelry hanger and some shower curtain rings I can space save for things like my husband's belts, jewelry, scarves, tank tops, etc.

  • closet organization and hacks

Purge! Get rid of anything you haven't worn in the last year for sure, things you don't really love, don't fit, etc. We give our items to a variety of charities.

*One big tip I can give everyone - If you are feeling nostalgic it is not your day to clean out your closet. You have to be ready to purge to have a good day or you'll end up not getting anywhere. When you do purge, put it in a bag or box and don't look back. If you open it later you'll be bound to pull stuff back out. Just say no!

  • closet organization and hacks

When I put our clothes back in the closet, there was a lot less clothing and I matched hangers to give it a cleaner look.

  • closet organization and hacks

I am so pleased with the way it turned out and I smile when I walk in there now rather than get in and out as fast as I can to ignore it.

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  • Nsm26147234
    on Jun 21, 2018

    I love your tips! I read this immediately, and will put into action as soon as Ihave the correct materials. I still don’t know what to do with my suitcases, family games, etc that I keep stored in our closet, though! Thanks so much for sharing!

      • L. Creative
        L. Creative Apollo Beach, FL
        on Jul 4, 2018

        We keep our suitcases in the attic as they dont get used every day. One of my friends stores in them and puts them beneath the bed. Games go in the console under the TV or if you have a drawer in your coffee table.

      • Unise Horton Rosner
        Unise Horton Rosner
        on Jun 21, 2018

        Another idea is if you have a bathroom shower / tub you don't use stack your luggage in their and close the shower curtain. Your luggage is then hid away until you need it.