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Daisy Table Makeover

See how I turned an ugly duckling table into a bright, cheery, daisy table for under $15.
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $15.00 Difficulty: Easy
We have had this iron table in our family for years and years. It seems to travel around from parents to cousins and aunt and uncles. Whoever is in need of a table at the moment gets it. It has been at my house for about 10 years now. I have covered the cushions several times but this time it was in need of more than just a cushion change. I did know the only thing I didn’t want to change was the chippy paint on the iron portion.
With 2 sample cans of paint, some vinyl and a staple gun I had a new look.
The whole project was done in less than an hour and I now am not embarrassed to have the table be seen.
There's something about daisies that make me smile. Stop by for more information.

To see more: http://creativecaincabin.com/2014/07/daisy-table-makeover/

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