Crown Point Pond Renovation

When the Client purchased their home, the pond was already there. However, it didn't function properly. The Client was constantly adjusting and repairing parts of the pond when he should have been relaxing and enjoying it.
We completed a complete renovation on the pond. All of the existing parts (liner, skimmer, biofalls, etc.) were replaced with Aquascape products. The stream was reconstructed so that it didn't look like a pile of rocks, and rock was installed throughout the pond.
This photo shows the exposed biofalls and the pile of rocks that is meant to be the stream. The liner is visible on the side of the block wall.
The liner is not covered with rock and is completely exposed to UV rays. Having rock throughout the pond covers the liner protecting it from the UV rays and gives beneficial bacteria a place to grow.
The visible tube running out of the stream is attached to a pump that was simply dropped into the bottom of the pond.
The stream now looks like a stream. Only one Biofalls is installed, and it isn't visible. Not only does the new stream function properly, it is much more pleasing to the eye.
Rock was installed throughout the pond protecting the new liner and giving beneficial bacteria a place to grow.
Another view of the stream.
Now the Client has a system that he does not have to repair constantly. He can sit back, relax, and enjoy the pond!

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