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A Manly Makeover for My Childhood Dresser

I'm in the process of turning my son's nursery into his "big boy" room. Unfortunately for him, he's got a room full of random and mismatched furniture, like this dresser, which was mine when I was growing up. (It had different hardware at the time.)
In order to give his room more of a cohesive look, and to go with the vintage aviation theme we're planning, I decided to paint my old dresser with chalk paint. I mixed up two gray colors and applied the first coat.
After the second coat, it was ready to be sealed. That is seriously how easy chalk paint is.
I sealed it with paste wax and then decided to apply some dark wax to give the piece an antiqued look. I was a little overzealous in my application, however, and made it look streaky and awful.
Luckily, I knew of an easy way to remove some of the dark wax with my paste wax, it it all came out just fine! I popped on some new hardware, and the dresser looks like this now!
The color is so rich and my son and I love it! It is perfect for his new room.
To learn more about my process and the paint used, please visit my blog at the link below!

To see more: http://www.averageinspired.com/2014/12/dresser-makeover-with-americana-decor-chalky-finish-paint.html

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