A Little Old Filing Cabinet


I've had this little filing cabinet since...I can't remember when. It's made of wood with nice brass hardware.
I had already taken some of the trim off at this point. I'll show you that later. Lost the key to the lock years ago but, it is all still there...just needs a key.
No damage to it....just needing a little attention and some love.
I pulled out both drawers, sanded it down and gave it a good coat of primer....used a light color since the paint was going to be light.
Sorry....forgot to take a photo of it with just the paint on it. Here it is with the glaze brushed on. I let it sit for a few minutes to get a richer color. LOVE how the grain in the wood shows now.
Next was to do the drawers. Had BIG plans for them. Found some super artwork at Knick of Time...thanks again Angie!
I grabbed my Mod Podge jar and went to "work". Ok...gotta slide a bit here....if you work at what you love...how can it be "work"? These old ledgers are great!!! Some are French, others are English...all are really perfect for this filing cabinet! I figured...what better to put on the drawers of a filing cabinet than billings and ledgers!?!
Both drawers got the same ledger and receipt treatment! LOVE how they turned out!!! Next, they were trimmed so I didn't have ragged edges.
I did a light coat of Red Mahogany stain around the sides of the drawers which gave the edges of the invoices and ledgers an "aged" look too. Put the hardware back on....all cleaned up and shiny now.
Love how this all turned out.
A little closer view of the top drawer front. So handsome....
This was the handle before it was cleaned....
Before and after cleaning. All it took was a little sandpaper and some elbow grease and voila!!
Another before shot...
Next...I poly'd the entire cabinet mostly to protect the drawer fronts. With normal use, they might be torn or the paper might wear instead of staying where it should be so....three coats of Min-Wax clear, semi-gloss poly.
And the result is....
I don't know about you but..."I" think it is gorgeous!!!
A perfect fit for any office....it also has all the slides and rails inside for hanging folders.....hint hint....
All ready to go back to keeping files neat and tidy. I had two of these once upon a time....no idea where the other one went. Probably got left behind in my last move. LONG story there....
It's in my Etsy Shop at..... https://www.etsy.com/shop/TreasurebyRenee?ref=hdr_shop_menu
Shipping on a piece this size is HUGE! Had it sold to a lady in Tx....I'm in Il., but shipping was WAY too much so....it is still for sale. Easier for a local pick-up.
Ok....next project...hmmmmmm Oh....I know!!!!

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