a fire destroyed their dream home forcing this couple to rebuild, architecture, go green, home improvement

A Fire Destroyed Their Dream Home, Forcing This Couple to Rebuild

When a fire tore through the forest outside Evergreen CO in 2012, it destroyed the 1200 square-foot home that Kristen Moeller and her husband David Cottrell lived in. Scrambling to escape, they left just about everything, saving only their wedding photos. Upon returning, only a charred totem pole remained standing. Their house, boat, and belongings were vaporized.

vintage 1960 s camper redo, home decor, home improvement, repurposing upcycling, After

Vintage 1960’s Camper Redo

We bought this vintage camper in poor shape and gutted the whole thing. We basically started from scratch and moved forward. The only thing left was the kitchen cabinets. I will post inside pictures next.

mobile heartache to mobile home , home decor, kitchen design

Mobile Heartache to Mobile Home!

Four years ago, we moved into a 20-year-old mobile home on a farm. Being a city girl, I was at a loss with what to do with this place that had sat empty for 2 years and was being reclaimed by the critters and insects that inhabited the land. The kitchen was particularly daunting as you can see. It took me 3 years and testing the waters in all the other rooms before I could even figure out where to start in the kitchen.
When we first moved in we bought new appliances and changed the white for stainless steel. The kitchen got an industrial cleaning and de-mousing and then we used it like that until the end of winter 3 years later.

renovated mobile home landfill save mh4, curb appeal, diy, home improvement

Renovated Mobile Home - Landfill Save - MH4

This mobile home was destined for the landfill. The roof was no good, the trusses were sagging, the exterior overgrown with weeds and spindly trees. The plumbing was shot including the water heater. Broken furnace. I purchased this home for $500. I invested $12,000. I've made over $28,000 in one year!

creating a mobile boutique out of a 6x10 cargo trailer, diy, flooring, how to, tile flooring

Creating a Mobile Boutique Out of a 6x10 Cargo Trailer

I have an Etsy store where I sell hand illustrated shoes and clothing. I decided that when I retired in 2012, I was going to take my business mobile. I purchased a 6x10 cargo trailer. My husband and I transformed the inside to a boutique environment that I am VERY proud of! The final result was better than I could have dreamed! I plan to take Struttin' Your Stuff Boutique on the road starting in July (after the ever anticipated cataract surgery happens). On the road again!

from double decker bus to rv in 20 steps

From Double Decker Bus to RV in 20 Steps

In 2011 I bought this bus, and in a period of five years, until 2016 I transformed it into an RV with 11 seats and 4 places to sleep (for me and my family - we've got two boys). Most of the work on the bus I did myself, but towards the end of the project it became clear that what professionals would take weeks, for that I would need another two years, so we decided on outsourcing some work - most noticeable the kitchen and the carpeting. In 2016 we went on vacation with the bus in Germany, and we had a good time. This year again we took it on the road, this time to Germany, Czechia and Austria, and now I made a video of it (check my YouTube channel called Onrust!). Because of the many questions I got, I made a FAQ, which you might check if you have a question (link below). But of course, I'll be happy to answer any more of your questions. (I had to give in a number of how much the project in total was, but I don't really know exactly.)

shed tiny house full construction time lapse video

SHED Tiny House Full Construction Time-lapse Video

Having grown tired of throwing money away renting apartments but weary of taking on a mortgage, my wife and I decided to design and build our own [tiny] house on the weekends and pay for it paycheck to paycheck as we built.We share our floor plans for free and offer our 145 page e-book that shares the entire process here: https://shedsistence.com/resources/

a glamper with a purpose, Glamper 2 ready for a new owner

A Glamper With a Purpose

About a year ago I wrote a story on Hometalk about a 14-year-old girl who bought a camper with her babysitting money and redid it into the CUTEST little glamper ever, with the help of her family. She's now 15 and just redid another one, but this time it's to raise money for her friend who is fighting cancer. Follow her progress here and see how adorable this glamper is! (For more details and photos, go to the original blog link at the end of this story.)

repainted all the walls in our mobile home and redone our kitchen, bathroom ideas, home decor, home improvement, kitchen backsplash, kitchen design

Repainted All the Walls in Our Mobile Home, and Redone Our Kitchen.

We live in a Mobile Home, but I have redone all the walls to make it look like a house. I can't find any pictures of our home before I redid it, maybe I didn't even take any because it looked so bad, although I know now I should have.
My husband made new doors with dental molding for my cabinets and painted all the cabinets white using gloss paint, so I could wash them. He put up new backsplash a few years ago, and added a new black sink and industrial faucet that came from Lowe's. We redid the bathrooms, put up tile, floor covering, and added a new sink and faucet from Lowe's.

5 camper storage hacks

5 Camper Storage Hacks

I'm super excited to share these hacks with y'all! Rob's cousin, Sheri, came to me and was looking for a solution for some storage issues she had with her new camper. The camper she and her husband, Pat recently purchased is nothing short of amaaaaazing--totally modern and beautiful--but as anyone knows who has spent time in a camper, you have to get a little creative with your storage or you'll find yourself frustrated...with the quickness! I tried these 5 hacks out on Sheri and Pat's camper and I got 4 thumbs up! What's even better is not a nail was hammered and not a screw was screwed.

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You Will Never Believe This Caravan Transformation

What a treat we’ve got for you today! Picture this…. the sun’s shining, the sky’s blue, you’re surrounded by the glitz and the glamour of St Tropez on the South Coast of France, yet you’re tucked away in a bohemian paradise, just strides from a beautiful beach, on a…. caravan site…. huh?! Not quite how you’d expect that sentence to end is it? Glamorous, trendy and visually stunning are not words you hear too often in the caravan world (we have a family caravan in Norfolk, which ticks none of those boxes). But along came ‘Brigitte’ – the glamavan who now calls St Tropez her home. Bought for £250 from eBay and transformed into a bohemian paradise by her owner, interior designer and blogger, Jane Ashton. We couldn’t wait to share the renovation with you, so we asked Jane to tell us more….

camper madness 3 almost done before afters

CAMPER MADNESS: Before & Afters

Here's an overview of what we did with our 1989 LANCE Truck Camper, plus links to more details as to how we did what we did.Two months of redo. I handled the pretty details, which you can see below... while my hubby Rich did (the boring parts like) system overhauls and start up: Inverters, converters, batteries, fridge, heating, water etc.Lots of chalk paint, washes of matte gray into glazes, faux stone effects.Redo on walls, countertops, cabinets, doors, floors... $2000 for camper with about $2000 in cosmetic reno. Took about 60-80 hrs of actual time. Maiden Voyage went without a hitch -- to the Grand Canyon. Fun Times Ahead!

old rv gets a whole new look

Old RV Gets A Whole New Look

My daughter recently went looking for an inexpensive RV. The budget was low so we had to try to find a fixer upper. I found one at the small car lot where I bought my first RV. It is a 1977 Fleetwood Flair. Yes, I know, it's 40 years old, but other than being severely outdated and needing cleaned badly, it was in pretty good condition.

horse trailer make over, diy, repurposing upcycling

Horse Trailer Make Over

Here is a 35 year old horse trailer, my step daughter and I overhauled this summer.

a tiny house lifestyle

A Tiny House Lifestyle

How do you go Tiny? Could you give all your stuff away to live with less and how do you part with it?

airstream restoration, home improvement, hvac

Airstream Restoration

My 1979 airstream was in need of some TLC Needed new floors and just a complete makeover. Was a fun summer project, I even lived in it in my back yard for 2 months just to enjoy the finished project

making the workshop tiny house

Making the Workshop // Tiny House

Hi all this project is about making a workshop space from scratch!The whole goal of this project was to make a rain free area for my DIY things and to explore miniature architecture projects.The overall size is 4m by 2.5m by 2.5m high. So about 13.5' by 8' by 8' high. This is no big space but still useable.This process was a big eye opener for me and it opened a new realm of possible projects. It was fun creating something this big!If you are interested in the schematics and sizing, this is available from my website:www.seamm.nl

heck yes we d vacation in these luxurious campers, Photo via Elizabeth

Heck Yes, We'd Vacation In These Luxurious Campers

Who would want leave a spacious home and cram into a tiny metal trailer? Well, someone who gets to vacation in one of these beauties, that's who!
Could a crazy cool camper entice you to leave your home and move in? It certainly worked for these creative DIYers, who turned run-down old campers into dream getaways you won't believe!
1. They Turned It Into a Bunkhouse

skirting a mobile home, diy, home improvement, home maintenance repairs, how to

Skirting a Mobile Home

For about a week now Les and I have been skirting a few trailers in our park so I thought I would take some pictures and share with you the proper way of skirting a mobile home.