Abandon Dresser Front

This little dresser front was saved by my cousin years ago while on a vacation to visit my grandparents old home in Childress Texas. My uncle wanted to visit the little house before it was to be demoed. I don't believe this item originally belonged to my family but it has history non the less
It sat in my aunt and uncles garage sucked into a corner collecting more years of dust, dirt and even some spilled motor oil on her. So I sprayed a degreaser on it and lightly rinsed it off. Most of the oil was removed then as it dried I could tell there is no way I'm going to be able to remove all the oil so it was either junk her or hope the Suns heat would push as much of the remaining oil out. I let it sit and bake for a few days wiping off more oil every time I checked on her and finally desided she's old! And will never be perfect.
So I cut some pallet wood and installed it at a 45 degree angle and added a mirror to the top. I chose bulldog clips to hold the pictures. First I tried to torch them to make them look old.. That did not work. The heat compromised the metal and they didn't close tight anymore. So I sprayed them matte black instead. I printed old family photos to gang
And this is the finished product. This little abandon girl now gangs in my guest room.
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