Nautical Theme Dresser

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Vintage, beat up with great bones John Wanamaker mahogany dresser starts new nautical life.
Problem: Burn on top
This was the challenge that my OCD demanded I fix.
Here it is, relative to my pudgy fingers.
Finished dresser.
After stripping, sanding and cleaning, and since this was a gift to my son, who loves the Shore and the ocean, I finished this with Driftwood stain on drawers and top, and a semi gloss midnight blue (that reminds me of the sky at night, over the ocean).
I Googled to find my sons initials (CMS) in Nautical flag-speak.
I took chisel and hammer, and cut out a recess to fit three small square tiles, that I painted (with a lot of trial and error - different based paints were running when clear coats were applied - GRRRRRRR)!!!
The painted tiles were set in place with construction glue (what I had, plus it was thick enough to work with, centering and leveling as best I could. The top was finally sealed with a thick epoxy, making it shine beautifully. I'm not real concerned with the yellowing - life goes on lol!
I am very proud of this effort. I think my son will think it's pretty 'sick' as well! I chose drawer pulls ala nautical theme, with a neat starfish in top middle drawer.
Suggested materials:
  • Semi-gloss midnight blue paint, Driftwood shade stain, clear high gloss epoxy
  • Stripper, sanding paper, chisel and hammer
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