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You can easily find your perfect new vanity look now, with these 20 DIY vanity projects that show just how versatile – in both style and size – a vanity can be.

Farmhouse Style Vanity

1. Farmhouse Style Vanity

A custom-built vanity with open shelves and a vessel sink is the centerpiece of this amazing DIY bathroom makeover. This DIY project loosely follows a pre-made bathroom vanity plan that can be scaled for any space. You’ll need cedar, tile, and a few other supplies easily found at any hardware store. A few finishing touches, including faux board and batten, complete the look. After gathering up your tools and hardware supplies, and following a few simple steps, you can have the same farmhouse look, too. To read the complete post, check out http://www.delusionsofingenuity.com/2017/09/guest-bathroom-round-two-finale.html.

Vanity Chair Update

2. Vanity Chair Update

Hand lettering adds a whimsical touch and creates the perfect seat for a little one with this vanity chair makeover. Following just a few steps, this easy DIY vanity upcycle replaces the old fabric covered seat with a sturdy wooden one, and decorates it with a charming hand-lettered quote and design. All you’ll need to complete this project is an old vanity chair, a round wood piece for the seat, and a few other supplies from hardware and craft stores. You’ll love the adorable finished result! To see more about this project, visit https://ambientwares.com/4730/white-vanity-chair-makeover/.

Updated Vanity Fixtures

3. Updated Vanity Fixtures

Bathroom remodels can be expensive to complete. But, if your bathroom is already in pretty good shape, you can give it a brand new look while keeping costs low by installing just a few updated fixtures. This DIY vanity makeover does so by saving the old vanity countertop in favor of replacing just the sink basin. And, with the addition of a few more modern touches, including pretty tile, a waterfall sink faucet, and a few more items, the vanity’s new look is complete. Learn more about the finished bathroom remodel at http://www.hometalk.com/diy/bathroom/showers-tubs/master-bath-remodel-phase-3-31700074.

4. Vanity Mirror Makeover With Unicorn SPiT

Every vanity remodel needs the perfect mirror to complete the design. But, you don’t necessarily have to spend lots of money for a new one. Even a boring, old, plastic-framed mirror can survive a bathroom remodel with this handy DIY project. Using several new paint colors, and another simple product that helps it adhere, you can have a new mirror for your vanity. A designer, polished look is the result of this easy DIY project, giving you a new mirror frame with a pretty teal tint and a silvery inner rim. http://www.hometalk.com/diy/paint/furniture/b...

Fun Feminine Vanity Makeover

5. Fun Feminine Vanity Makeover

A crafty paint technique and feminine details can help provide the ultimate transformation for a vanity that’s seen better days. And, the finished result of this project is one you’ll want to show off to friends. This DIY makeover begins with a roadside find that’s very rough around the edges. To start the project, it just needs a bit of cleaning, sanding, and minor repairs. Then, for the finishing feminine touches, you’ll need paint, painter’s tape, a precision knife, and a few other items you can find at hardware and craft stores. These fun details make this a project you’ll enjoy.  https://www.hometalk.com/diy/bathroom/vanities/vintage-vanity-makeover-31553005

Beauty From A Beast

6. Beauty From A Beast

Painting a piece of wood furniture for a revamp can sometimes cause fears of the old stain bleeding through. And, if you like a distressed paint look, the old stain could still show through. Happily, this DIY project has a simple solution to tame the old stain, and create a beauty from a beast. All you’ll need for this project is paint, sandpaper, and a few other supplies from the hardware store. All it takes is a few easy steps and a few coats of paint to create a beautifully restored antique vanity.  https://www.hometalk.com/diy/bathroom/vanities/this-vanity-is-a-beauty-a-beast-31255566

New Life Into An Older Piece

7. New Life Into An Older Piece

The intricate details of older furniture can sometimes get overlooked with age, but making those details stand out again can be a fun project to take on. This DIY makeover breathes new life into an old vanity with a little bit of repair and a custom paint job that makes the grooved curves and lines pop. All you’ll need to gather for this project is wood putty, paint, and a few other simple supplies. The steps are easy to follow, and provide a fabulous result. To see the full post, check out https://www.facebook.com/nettesemporium/.

Retro Vanity On A Budget

8. Retro Vanity On A Budget

Embracing a room’s current design while switching up small details can save you big money when a complete remodel isn’t in the budget. This DIY vanity makeover starts with a black and white tiled bathroom in need of updating, and creates a fun retro feel by keeping the current color scheme and adding a bright pop of color. A few new fixtures that will have the most impact in the room are updated, including the vanity knobs and light fixture. This DIY shows that even minimal design changes can easily update any room. Read the full post at http://thecardswedrew.com/retro-black-white-and-teal-bathroom-makeover-on-a-budget/.

Copper Concrete Vanity

8. Copper Concrete Vanity

Some DIY projects are all about finding a solution for design complications. This particular DIY story needed to leave existing tile in place on a countertop to avoid breaking an inlaid sink. So, it breaks the rule to not concrete over existing tile, with awesome results. Next up is a wood slat backsplash that looks like real glass tiles. With a few simple supplies and tools, such as concrete, mica, topcoat, and wax, this easy project can give your countertop a fresh new look in just two days. https://www.hometalk.com/diy/bathroom/countertops/concrete-counter-30408313

1990s Bathroom To Farmhouse Chic

10. 1990s Bathroom To Farmhouse Chic

People love the farmhouse look lately. And, to add a fresh, calm feel for your bathroom makeover, it’s a particularly excellent design choice to make. This DIY project adds a shiplap backsplash and concrete countertop to update a tired, 1990s bathroom vanity. The vanity’s base is updated with a fresh coat of paint and the addition of open shelves. The look is completed with a few more fun, farmhouse-inspired details. The supplies you’ll need, including paint and concrete, can be bought at any hardware store. The end result creates a fresh, tranquil space that you’ll love to spend time in. http://www.hometalk.com/diy/bathroom/complete...

1950s Bungalow Bathroom Makeover

11. 1950s Bungalow Bathroom Makeover

Making a design vision come to life can be an exciting part of a home remodel – especially when the starting point is not pretty. This DIY project is a complete makeover for a 1950’s bathroom that had been neglected for too long. Included in the update is a child’s dressing table, of which the existing drawers and mirror make it perfect to use as a vanity. Some amazing finds for the sink and countertop create a gorgeous finished look. The final result shows how easy it can be to make your own design ideas come to life. http://www.hometalk.com/diy/bathroom/bathroom...

Marbled Look For Laminate Countertop

Marbled Look For Laminate Countertop

You can give a new, marble look to an old laminate vanity counter with this quick and easy DIY project. If marble isn’t in your remodeling budget, or you just want to quickly spruce up an old countertop, this is a great makeover to try. And it can be finished in just a few simple steps and with minimal supplies. All you’ll need is some acrylic paint, a glossy top coat, and one super simple tool to apply it. The finished result is one that needs to be seen to be believed! https://www.hometalk.com/diy/bathroom/won-t-wait-for-an-update-vanity-28821081

Vintage Suitcase Vanity

13. Vintage Suitcase Vanity

Amazing creations can be made by flipping old objects, such as turning an old suitcase into a cute little side table that doubles as a vanity. This DIY upcycle shows you how easy the transformation can be. To put the vanity together, you’ll need an old wooden suitcase, table for the legs, paint, glue, and a few other items available at any hardware store. You’ll also need a few additional items from the craft store to add the decorative touches, including fabric and a mirror. The end result is amazing. Read the complete blog post at http://karenraelevine.com/blog/2017/03/22/just-in-case/.   

Shoe Lover's Vanity

14. Shoe Lover's Vanity

If you’re a shopaholic when it comes to shoes, you’ll love the look of this fashionable vanity DIY makeover. And, this one proves that it’s not so bad to paint over wood. The project starts with an old vanity that has chipped wood veneer, and gives it a little repair and a fresh coat of paint. Designer shoe prints and a few more flirty details are added to complete this fun revamp. All you’ll need to do this yourself are a few supplies you can find at hardware and crafts stores. Read more about this project at https://www.facebook.com/TamaraLeeDesigns/. 

Built-In Vanity Update

15. Built-In Vanity Update

All renovations must come to an end, and “last but not least” could definitely be the motto of this DIY vanity update. The original vanity is kept, and given a lovely makeover to complete the bathroom’s finished look. To do so, the cabinet fronts are removed, the base is sanded, and then painted a shade that coordinates with the new bathroom design. This is an easy DIY project and only requires a few supplies from the hardware store, including paint and painters tape. To read the full post, check out http://birdzofafeather.ca/diy/bathroom-vanity-makeover/.  

Faded Beauty Restored

16. Faded Beauty Restored

Making old things new again can make for a simple and satisfying DIY project. This vanity restoration does just that by fixing up an old piece that is peeling and has a few missing pieces. All that’s needed to complete the work are a few supplies from the hardware store for sanding, repairs, and staining. The old hardware is polished, and a touch of blue paint is added to the decorative crevices as a highlight. It’s finished off with a rich brown stain. The result brings this old beauty back to its original splendor. To read more, check out https://www.facebook.com/dustanddetails.jennlynnphillips.    

Wonderland Vanity

17. Wonderland Vanity

A mix of fairy tale inspirations – and a lot of paint – can have a magical outcome, as this DIY project shows. For this project, a handful of colors, including black, white, and blue, come together to create an Alice in Wonderland inspired vanity. And, there’s a touch of mermaid thrown in, too. The magic is in the design and paint techniques used, and can be accomplished by following a few easy steps. The finished result is a whimsical vanity that will delight happily ever after. To read the full blog post, head to http://traceysfancy.com/2017/02/12/wonderland-vanity/. 

Rock 'n Glam Vanity

18. Rock 'n Glam Vanity

Textures can help add style to a piece of furniture, and make its unique qualities stand out. This DIY project pumps up the edginess of an old vanity by using a crocodile animal print texture and a few more glam details. The result is a look that is very rock and roll. All you’ll need to try this easy DIY yourself is some paint, a texturing tool, and a few additional supplies from a hardware or craft store. You’ll love taking this walk on the DIY wild side. To read more about this project, go to https://www.facebook.com/TFRLisa/.  

965 Bathroom To Modern Shaker

19. 1965 Bathroom To Modern Shaker

One doesn’t need to despair if a remodeling budget is blown due to unexpected repairs. This vanity update shows that creative solutions can be found on a budget with some DIY magic. All you’ll needs is paint, waterproof sealant, new hardware, and a few other inexpensive items from the hardware store. The real money savings here is found by using the existing vanity frame, and just updating the doors, drawers, and hardware. In as a few as a couple days, you’ll have a vanity that is good as new. To read the full post, check out http://amigas4all.com/bathroom-vanity-transformation/.     

Vintage Vanity Tray Makeover

20. Vintage Vanity Tray Makeover

Small trays are perfect to hold trinkets and tiny items, such as rings and hair clips, while keeping them tidy on a vanity top. With that purpose in mind, this easy DIY project shows how to spruce up a vintage mirror tray, with a pretty filigree design. Just a few simple steps and supplies are all it takes to perk-up the look of this little tray, including a new paint job and super-simple distressing technique that gives it an antique finish. You’ll love the results! Check out the full blog post at http://ducttapeanddenim.com/vanity-mirror-tray-makeover/. 

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