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Ever wonder how often you should clean things around your house? Sometimes life just gets so busy, that I don't even realize how much time has passed until I look at my sponge or pillows and think "when was the last time I cleaned you?" Now, if there's one person who hates cleaning, it's me. It would be so much easier to neglect these little things that tend to slip through my cleaning routine, but -- trust me when I say this -- it's good to have them on your list. Here’s a little guide on how often some of your household items need to be cleaned. This is the minimum, so feel free to clean them more often than this.
A lot of these common household items aren't cleaned as often a they should be.

Sponges: Once a Week
Sponges need to be sanitized in the microwave at least once a week. You should also sanitize them also after you’ve wiped any raw meat or eggs. Bed Pillows: Every Six Months
Bed pillows need to be washed in the washing machine at least every six months. If you have allergies, it's best to put them in a cover or wash them every three months. Bed Sheets: Every Week
Think of everything you touch and how much you sweat during the day. Now transfer all of that to your bed when you sleep. Gross, right? Sheets need to be washed every week, because they get filled with bacteria from your sweat and dust in the air. You'll sleep better knowing your sheets are nice and clean. Kitchen Sink: Every Day
This one is kind of obvious to me (but still super annoying). The drain is one of the dirtiest things in your house, and needs to be cleaned every day. I like to clean mine at night after I’ve washed my dishes. That way I go to sleep knowing everything is clean. Toilets: Once a Week
I'm not going to even go into this one. Toilets need to be scrubbed once a week to prevent all sorts of build up. Throw Pillows: Every Three Months
So I didn't actually know about this one until a friend mentioned it to me. I mean, it sits on your couch, and I just never thought of cleaning it. Throw pillows should be washed every three months, and the pillow covers should be washed more often. This is more often than your bed pillows, because your bed pillows get clean covers every week. Towels: After a Week of Use
Towels should be cleaned after a week of use. You want your towels to smell nice and fresh when you come out of the shower anyway. Toothbrush Holders: Every Other Month
This is definitely the most random one on my list. I know toothbrushes need to be replaced after a while, but a toothbrush holder? Yup! Apparently they get really grimy and gross over time. I put mine in the dishwasher on a high setting every other month. There you have it! You might have to add a few more items to your never-ending cleaning list, but your home will definitely be cleaner for it.
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  • Sharon Huneycutt Harris Sharon Huneycutt Harris on Apr 19, 2017
    Do not wash foam/memory foam pillows. For some reason I had to learn the hard way. Water does not come out of them. By the time they dry you could have mildew. And they don't hold up to the dryer well as the heat can break down the foam.

  • Sharon Huneycutt Harris Sharon Huneycutt Harris on Apr 19, 2017
    If you use an open container for your toothbrushes, be sure you keep an eye on the container. It gets wet, water will sit, it mildews very quickly. Ughhh! And the one with just the holes in the top are a bear to try to hand clean. So you want to stick them in the dishwasher about once a week, upside down. I don't really like having toothbrushes in the open on the bathroom because the minute spray from the commode travels about 6'.