How To Remove Melted Plastic From Your Stovetop

by Mom4Real
My husband accidentally placed a package of bagels on our hot stove top and the plastic melted onto our stove. He was worried that he had ruined it, but no fear, I knew just how to remove the melted plastic!
Melted plastic on ceramic stove top.
First, I waited for the burner to cool completely, then I covered the burned on plastic with baking soda.
After a quick spray with some vinegar, I used a scrub sponge to work the mixture into the plastic, and it lifted it with very little effort. The scrub sponge did NOT scratch my stove top.
Finally, I used a clean soft cloth to wipe all of the baking soda residue away.
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  • Margaret Margaret on Jan 09, 2017
    My teapot (metal) has left a white residue/ring on the burner that we use all the time on our glass stove top. There are also spots on the other burners that I can't remove with stove top cleaner. Is there a way to clean all this off, even after years?
  • Patrice Patrice on Apr 05, 2017

    My cleaning mystery with a glass top stove is just that a mystery i have tried everything i do mean everything even the products that come with the stove when purchased nothing works i even tried easy off oven cleaners i even purchased new pots i don't see a solution

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  • Linda Linda on Jan 09, 2017
    I also have a glass top range and when there is food spillage that has hardened or melted plastic, I use a razor blade scraper. It doesn't hurt the stove top and clean it off instantly.
    • Trudi Trudi on Jan 10, 2017
      I've done that, too, Linda and I found it quick and efficient. I haven't had as much luck with baking soda as others seem; maybe I need to leave it on longer.
  • Tur8030519 Tur8030519 on Apr 07, 2017

    A friend scratched my glass top and it looks terrible, even when completely clean. I hate it. Wish I had run the gas line.