DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is quickly coming to you. Valentine’s Day is a day, where you want to show the special person in your life appreciation.
Giving someone a gift on Valentines Day shows that you care. Fellas, I am going to give you some advice. I don’t care, if your girl says “Valentines Day is dumb, I don’t need anything just your love”, I am calling BS. As much as we don’t care, we do! Get your girl a token of appreciation, it will get you far. The gift doesn’t have to cost a lot but we want to know that you care, even a letter is good. We just want you to put some thought into us. No email, not just a text message because that has no effort, you do that everyday, we just want effort! Now with that said, If you want to give a gift, then you are in luck because I have three Valentines Day gift ideas, that anyone would love to receive.
The first idea that I have for Valentines Day is Gift Card Goodness. Everyone loves a good gift card to their favorite lunch spot or breakfast place.
If you will need a graphic and colorful stock paper, such as the ones I am using they will be on my blog there are graphics that you can save to your computer and print the chosen graphic at your own printer. I printed my graphic as if it was a 5×7 picture.
Once you have your chosen graphic printed out and ready you just want to glue it to your chosen color of stock paper to make sure its sturdy enough to hold a gift card.
Then pick your chosen place of eating such as Subway, local deli or sub shop, Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. Once you have your gift card then you want to glue down the sleeve of the gift card. Most gift cards come with a sleeve when purchasing them. If the gift card doesn’t come with a sleeve, no worries, you could just make the sleeve out of stock paper.
Then you just glue it down the gift card right in the middle. Then you can give your love a gift card. They will laugh at the gift and usually give you a “you’re so cute”. Its a very cute and USEFUL gift!
Next idea for Valentines Day is called For the Love of Beer. Its super easy but looks much harder. First you need beer mugs. I bought my mugs at Dollar Tree, so super inexpensive.
Then you will need something to write on the mug. You can either write free hand or use a graphic. I also made graphics that you can use and print on your own. If you will need a graphic and colorful stock paper, such as the ones I am using they will be on my blog
I printed these graphics as if it was a 4×6 picture.
Once you have your saying printed, you will want to cut it down to size in order to put it inside the glass. Once the paper is in the glass I would tape it down, so it won’t move at all. To write the saying, I used this oil based Sharpie pen. You can use that pen on glass, wood, or metal. I bought mine at Michael’s Craft Store.
Then all you have to do is trace. Trust me tracing it seem intimidating but its super easy! Once you are pleased with your saying then all you will have to do is put the mug in the oven to make it dishwasher safe.
You will want to put the mug in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes. If your guy or girl in your life likes beer, then they would love to receive this gift.
Last Valentines Day gift idea is for your lover, who loves to workout. I am WHEY into you. I would love to get this gift. Basically we are making a basket of protein goodness. First you will need a basket. I bought my basket at the dollar store.
Then you will just want to put his favorite powder protein and some kodiak cake mix, which you can find at Target. Kodiak cakes also make a chocolate flavor and is packed with protein. Then I added Muscle milk and my man favorite Quest bars. Also I put a small blender water bottle in the basket.
I clearly can’t give a Valentines Day gift without a cute pun. If you want to use that graphic, its on my blog
I love this idea for your gym lover in your life. It's definitely a gift that is a little more expensive but it something extremely thoughtful because you are showing thought to their hobby. I hope that you like these ideas and try them out. If you use them let me know!!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    I would just Google it. Alot of glassware can be put in the oven . I've seen it done with mugs and plates. I don't think you have to leave. It in long either. also if you don't wanna put in the oven u can always use decals or something from cricut . Another thing I just thought of, maybe tracing the quotes and then clear coat epoxy them ????