Make a Reindeer Christmas Ornament From Puzzle Pieces

5 Materials
20 Minutes
This puzzle piece reindeer ornament was so easy to make, we can't believe we didn't make this kids Christmas craft sooner. EVERYONE probably has cotton balls & a puzzle with missing pieces around the house. Well, now you have something to do with them!

To save money, we intentionally make our crafts using items around the house, so feel free to embellish or switch out the craft materials as you wish. You'd be crazy not try this idea. Merry Christmas!
Watch our video above to learn how to make your own DIY Christmas Ornament OR read the step by step guide below.
We used the following items to make this easy Christmas Craft for Kids: 3 puzzle pieces, 1 cotton ball, Acrylic Paint, Googly Eyes, Raffia & Glue or Hot Glue Gun.
Gather all the items you'll need to make our Rudolph Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Ornament.

PLEASE NOTE: we used a hot glue gun to speed up the production process. However if you have little one's and need to use regular glue, feel free, you'll just need extra time to let the pieces dry.
The next step is to arrange your puzzle pieces into a reindeer shape. You'll need one for the face and two angled out at 45 degrees for the antlers.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure the bottom piece has a little notch sticking down for the nose.
Once glued, your head should look something like this.
Now you can paint the Reindeer face and antlers brown. Hey, if you're in an artistic mood, use two different shades of browns to add dimension.
While the reindeer head is drying, paint a cotton ball Red. This will become Rudolph's nose. And if you want to skip this step you can always buy red pom pom's and the local craft store.
When both of those elements are dry, glue the Red nose at the bottom tip of the reindeers face.
The next step is to add the eyes. Glue two googly eyes right above the nose.
One of the last steps is to decorate the antlers. You can add glitter or White polka dots with the back side of your paint brush. It's your choice...have fun and make it your own.
The last step is to hot glue raffia, string or whatever else you have around the house to the back of the puzzle pieces.

That's really there is all to it!

If you enjoyed this DIY, check out our YouTube channel:

Thank you so much for reading/watching!

Suggested materials:
  • 3 puzzle pieces   (had)
  • 1 cotton ball   (had)
  • Brown, Red & White Acrylic Paint   (had)
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