4 Fall Wreath Ideas That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

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Nothing says fall quite like a wreath, especially one that you have made yourself. A simple wire wreath form can be transformed using these unique and dazzling designs. These wreaths present a way to showcase your creativity, while providing a beautiful decoration for the fall season. Follow these four intricate designs to create fall wreaths that wow your friends, create conversation, and most importantly make you the envy of your neighborhood.

Pineapple Wreath

Tools and Materials

  • 14" wire wreath form
  • Chicken wire
  • Sunflowers (10 bunches)
  • Glue gun
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • Cloth/felt
  • Ribbon

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

The pineapple wreath is a bright and breezy fall wreath to give a touch of sunshine to the front door. I began by collecting the materials – these included the 14” wire wreath form, the chicken wire to form the body of the wreath, the sunflowers, cloth for the backing, ribbon for a finishing touch, and the wire snips and glue gun that will help create the wreath.

Step 2: Shape the Frame

The first step for the pineapple wreath was to shape the frame. The idea with this one is to create the appearance of a pineapple, so the circular wire form will need to be remolded to look more pineapple-shaped. This can be done easily with your hands. The trick is to get the shape right initially, so the pineapple effect can be seen.  

Step 3: Attach to Chicken Wire

Once I was happy with the pineapple shape, it was time to attach the chicken wire, which forms the basis of the wreath. I cut the chicken wire to cover the wreath form and left an inch around the outside. I then twisted this around to attach it to the frame. The chicken wire should then be affixed to the front-facing side of the wreath using some long-nose pliers.

Step 4: Attach Flowers

Once the chicken wire was firmly in place, it was time to attach the sunflowers. The idea is to use the sunflowers to look like the bumps on a pineapple. Altogether, I used ten bunches of sunflowers. The first step is to ensure you have enough of the stem, so snip the very ends with wire snips. Starting at the base of the wreath, thread the sunflowers through the chicken wire. Continue doing so until you have filled in the entire form.

Step 5: Attach Backing

In order to prevent the wreath from scratching the door or wall you hang it on, attach some backing. A piece of cloth or felt works when attached to the back of the wreath. 

Step 6: Create the Crown

For the green leaves of the pineapple, I attached some of the leaves from the sunflowers, fanning them out to give the desired effect. I made three bunches of these green leaves and glued them on top of one another. To finish off, tie a ribbon to the top of the wreath to allow it to be hung.   

Halloween Wreath

Tools and Materials

  • Decorative mesh ribbon in Halloween colors (3 kinds)
  • Decorative Halloween sign
  • 14" wire frames
  • Pipe-cleaners (20)
  • Glue gun
  • Wire cutters

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

The first step to creating this Halloween wreath is to assemble your materials. You’ll need a Halloween-themed centerpiece for the wreath and some decorative mesh ribbons to create the design of the wreath, and the pipe-cleaners to secure everything in place. You’ll be using standard tools, such as the glue gun and wire cutters in order to bring the DIY project to life.

Step 2: Attach Pipe Cleaners

I began by attaching pipe-cleaners around the outside of the wreath at even intervals. Wrap each pipe-cleaner around the frame so that it remains in place, while also having two long bits so that the ribbons can be attached. The more pipe-cleaners, the fuller your wreath will look.

Step 3: Attach Ribbon

I bundled up three different colors of decorative mesh ribbons (Halloween-themed: green, orange, and purple) and then attached them with the two bits of pipe-cleaner to fix them in place. I repeated this around the entire wreath, attaching the ribbon to the pipe-cleaners. Then, I added ribbon to tie to the ends of the pipe-cleaners to make the bundles look neater.

Step 4: Attach Sign

Once you’ve chosen the Halloween sign you want, you can then tie it to the frame around the back of the wreath. The more accessible you make the tie, you easier it will be to change the sign if you feel like a change. You could also experiment with a few different spooky signs throughout Halloween.

Coffee Filter Wreath

Tools and Materials

  • 4 pool noodles
  • Duct tape
  • Rit dye/food coloring
  • Coffee filters
  • Glue gun
  • String

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

This wreath is perfect for those who want to use items you might find around the house to create something trendy and unique. Begin by gathering up some pool noodles – I used four for my wreath – and make sure you have some coffee filters. I used 500, but if you want a smaller wreath, you can get away with using fewer.

Step 2: Create the Shape

Duct tape two sets of pool noodles together - cut one slightly so that it is smaller. Bend each pool noodle around so that it forms a circle and duct tape this together. You should be able to fit the smaller pool noodle circle into the larger one. Duct tape both circles together. Depending on the size you want the wreath to be, you can experiment with different sizes of pool noodle, and can even cut them down to make a smaller wreath.  

Step 3: Fold the Filters

I dyed my filters first with Rit dye, but food coloring works too, depending on how vibrant you want the color to be. If dyeing, first, dip the filters in the dye mix and then allow them to dry before continuing. Then, fold each filter in half, then in half again. Hot glue the pointed tip of each triangle of filter and fold upwards. Once the glue had dried, I fluffed up each filter to give an almost flower-like effect.

Step 4: Glue the Filters to the Wreath

Once each filter was fluffed up, I began gluing the base of each fluffed filter to the pool noodle frame. It’s important to start with the outside noodle circle and work inwards. You can fill in any holes that present themselves by adding more papers. Once the filters are secured, you can even add other touches to truly personalize the wreath.  

Burlap Wreath

Tools and Materials

  • 2 rolls 5.5" 10-yard burlap
  • Beige pipe-cleaners
  • 18" grapevine wreath
  • Sicssors
  • Self-healing mat
  • Glue gun
  • Staple gun
  • 10" letter
  • Floral display (hydrangeas and sunflowers)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To create one of these fall wreaths, the primary material is the burlap. You will also need pipe-cleaners to affix them to the frame of the grapevine wreath. The décor you want to add at the end is optional and completely up to you. I used two hydrangeas and a sunflower.

Step 2: Cut the Burlap Ribbon

Begin by cutting the burlap ribbon (cleanly, so no frayed edges) into 8”-10” pieces, depending on how tight you want the wreath to be. Attach pipe-cleaners to the frame of the wreath. I used beige so that they couldn’t be seen in the finished wreath, but any color could work. Ensure that they are tied tightly and there are the two long bits still to fix your flowers to.

Step 3: Form the Flowers

Artistically crumple up two pieces of burlap ribbon to create the desired flower look. They should look like little bowties or ruffles. It’s easier to create as many as you can to fit the pipe-cleaners in one go, which should help you ensure there is uniformity to the ruffles.

Step 4: Attach to Wreath with Pipe Cleaners

Wrap the long bits of the pipe-cleaner around each ruffled flower, ensuring you cut the ends of the pipe-cleaner off with wire snips (they can dull your scissors). Make sure that the ruffles are fixed in place before you bend the pipe-cleaners back or remove their ends.  

Step 5: Add More Décor

You can add as much décor as you want to create a personalized burlap wreath. I used a glue gun to fix various florals to the wreath. You can even add a letter of your name or add something seasonal or personal to you as a finishing touch. Different occasions may call for different embellishments. You could even give this wreath as a gift and can attach personal photographs or mementos.   

Creating fall wreaths allows you to use materials that are easy to gather and that can be transformed into something that looks special and unique. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with your seasonal decor! Most fall wreaths can be adapted and modified to create different looks for different occasions. The simplicity of the fall wreaths allows you to add a creative flair and to wow your friends, and the versatile decorations can be hung anywhere.

Why not share your design with a friend and don’t forget to share your own versions of these wreaths with your fellow Hometalkers.

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