Easy Glue Gun Candle Plate

4 Materials
15 Minutes

I was experimenting with using my hot glue gun and thinking what else I could do, I came up with this diy. It’s simple and anyone could make it. I hope people enjoy and have ago at making them them selves.

Firstly, I got out my baking paper to draw my design on. Baking paper is really good as hot glue doesn’t stick to it so it’s really good for experimenting on.

I found these craft mirrors from The range and decided they would be ideal as the base of my candle plate and what I will use to draw my designs around.

Next, I drew around the mirror so I know how big to draw my design and use this as a guide.

I used my glue gun like a pen and applied it randomly for my first design and just kind of went with it, making sure all the lines were linking together so the piece was one piece and not breaking apart.

After waiting for the glue to dry I used a gold spray paint to colour the glue.

Lastly, I used this Gorilla glue to stick a craft mirror the hole of my design.


Here’s my diy finished. I really like this. I love how delicate the glue pattern is and how the gold just makes it look so special.

Another one I made by making the individual petals then sticking them together under the craft mirror. Check out my Instagram for more diys and ideas.

Suggested materials:

  • Glue gun and glue   (Amazon)
  • Spray paint   (The Range)
  • Craft mirrors   (The Range)
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  • Marian Smith Tartaglione Marian Smith Tartaglione on Aug 11, 2021

    So cool and looks like a craft I could actually do! Lol Who would have thought hot glue could look this good? Thank you for sharing!


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