Sports Jersey Wall Art

by Lisa
Here’s a fun way I display my kid’s sports jerseys in their rooms. I buy canvas from thrift stores then staple their hockey and soccer jersey's on the canvas! Abracadabra... Instant wall art!
Take a look at my YouTube video!
You’ll need a canvas. I buy mine at the thrift store or at the craft store, using a coupon, if they’re not on sale. You can even update a canvas print you want to update from your home. Choose your canvas according to the size of jersey you have, assuring the jersey will fit over the canvas with enough fabric allowance to fold over to attach to the frame.
Staple Gun
You’ll need a staple gun.
Scissors - These are totally optional. I cut my daughter’s “practice jersey” in the video but I don’t cut game jersey’s. (unless I want to get killed by my kids)
Step One
Insert the canvas inside the jersey, paying attention to what side you want to display. I chose to display the number on the back, versus the team logo on the front.
Adjust jersey on canvas
Smooth out fabric.
Position and adjust jersey
Make adjustments by centering the number or logo you’re going to display.
Fold and staple
Gently flip the canvas over, tighten the fabric, making sure there are no wrinkles and start stapling.
As you add more staples to the back, you’ll be able to tighten the fabric to make sure it’s smooth.
To make a neat corner, follow the pattern of stapling the fabric, then take the extra fabric at the end and neatly fold it over as close to the corner as possible, then staple in place.
Hang on the wall! Your project is complete! Several canvas jerseys will create a really cool sports wall gallery.
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