DIY Shadow Box "EAT" Sign

2 Materials
5 Minutes
The "EAT" Sign has become somewhat of a "staple" in farmhouse style decor. Today, I'm sharing with you how I created this Shadow Box "EAT" Sign for $10.00 (and some change) and only using 2 items and done in onky 5 mins!!!
I first purchased a Shadow box picture frame at Michael's Craft Store and this frame was originally $29.99 and they're on clearance right now for $7.00!!! I know right!! Fantastic price!! This is a 9x9 frame
Next I purchased some felt alphabet letters from the Target Dollar Spot for $3.00!! I love felt letters, or any letters that have a self adhesive backing!! It avoids the need for glue AND, they can be easily removed without damag your item! Winnning!!
Once I had my frame and letters I took the glass out and cleaned it on both sides to insure it was clean and clear!! Easy right??
Next I lined my letters up to gage where I wanted to place them (you could measure them and be exact however I used my letters as a guide and it worked just fine). This step is important if you're not going to measure because once you have them lined out you can easily take off the 1st letter and you still have the other 2 letters to use as a guide. I lined up the bottoms of each letter!!
After I had my letters in place I simply removed the adhesive backing and stuck them to my fabric frame backing. Soooo simple!!!
lining the bottom of my 1st letter with the 2nd letter I stuck it in place and moved to the other 2!!
Lastly I put the frame backing back in and Voila You're all finished and you have a trendy, rustic farmhouse sign!!!
Once my sign was complete I sat back and admired my work that was so simple and inexpensive yet looked like a high-end piece!!
Suggested materials:
  • Shadow Box Picture Frame   (Michael's Craft Store)
  • Felt Alphabet Letters   (Target Dollar Spot)
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