Complete Fall Container Garden Guide in Three Easy Steps

Today I am sharing the simplest fall container garden guide. We always think of mums as the ultimate fall flower, but there are so many more that give beautiful autumn colors. Let’s talk about the simplest fall container garden guide so you can create the perfect spot this season.
Step One. Pick Your Plants
Obviously, you need to find the perfect plants. I don’t worry as much about longevity for fall flowers. I just want something simple, affordable, with a punch of color.
The number one choice. I love mums of all colors! They are the perfect fall plant for most zones and usually do well in the winter too. Check out my mum care tips here.
This may not seem like an obvious choice, but these are great fall flowers. When I took horticulture in college, we sold Dahlias in the fall and they were popular. Then, I went to the Dallas Arboretum last year and saw hundreds of beautiful Dahlias (I took the picture below there last fall!). I am convinced they are the perfect fall flower!
Coral Bells
These come in so many different shades of color. The picture below shows the red shade which is my favorite!. They are very hardy in colder zones too which is why they are so popular in the fall. These also do well mixed with other fall plants in a container.
Check out these care tips (link in blog post)
Asters do well in places with cool, wet summers. We definitely DO NOT have that in Texas, but they bloom well into the fall. I have planted this in the fall before and they produce really pretty flower colors that go well with all the golds and browns of autumn. These do best with well-drained soil! I know that these have a tendency to get powdery mildew. See note below on my natural chemist tips for treating that 🙂
Here are some good additional care tips (link in blog post)
Russian Sage
I bought one of these earlier in the summer. Our extreme Texas heat almost killed it, but I put it in the shade, fed it some homemade plant food, and kept the soil damp. It bounced back and looks pretty again. These are a great flower for additional fall blooms too. You will see these mixed in with many fall containers.
Heleniums are a perfect color of fall. There are actually many different breeds of heleniums for all over the US and also Europe. The only I always find in Texas is a native wildflower and produces a pretty yellow orange color. I have put these in pots and they do well with good drainage!
Fall Crocus
I know many who grow these form bulbs. They do really well in containers. From my own experience, they don’t like very wet soil. Other than that, they are pretty easy to grow!
Here are some more tips (link in blog post)
Step Two. Caring for Fall Containers
Typically, fall container plants will start needing less water once autumn weather sets in. You have to be cautious not to water like you did in summer.
In the autumn, the days are shorter, so it is important to make sure your fall containers get enough sunlight. I like to place them where they get some good afternoon sun especially when the days cool down.
When you plant your fall plants together in one pot, make sure they have the same type of sun needs!
Before it freezes, plants still need good nutrients. In the fall, I like to add a little homemade plant food to the soil around the plant.
I also, use egg shells crushed up for calcium and coffee grounds for added nitrogen. Mix this up together and sprinkle it lightly around the soil. This will deliver nutrients for a few weeks and the blooms will be awesome!
Huge list of DIY disease care and winter tips [url= listed here[/url].

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