BoHo Style Stool

2 Materials
2 Hours
I reupholstered this stool using a fur throw. It was a $3 garage sale find and I transformed it from simple to classy! Take a look at how I did it!
This is the garage sale stool the way I found it. Time to transform!
I picked up this $10.00 fur throw. Then I got to work. I measured the throw to the size of the stool. Make sure the surface is clean before you begin. Then I used a staple gun to attach it to the bottom of the stool.
I cut the throw to fit, and then I stapled it on bottom. Then, I added some chic table legs and glued them on as well. It is looking so great!
It works great in bathroom or bedroom.
Before and After. I love this adorable new little stool! Was super easy to put together and looks great!

Give it a try ;)
Suggested materials:
  • Fur throw   (Tuesday Morning)
  • Stool legs   (Lowes)
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