Industrial/Rustic Coffee Table

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So, my husband had to have a table saw. 😱He's always looking for an excuse to buy a power tool, and until now had used my need for him to replace backing on old tv armoires as his excuse to by nail guns, drills, etc. But the monster grew. When I couldn't put him off any longer, I decided to just join forces and put him to work. 😆 Here is the first piece that followed the (pretty darn expensive) trip to Lowes that day. I must say, I hadn't a clue he could do this, but now that I do......
We spent about 65 dollars for lumber, corner braces, casters, paint, stain, and sealer.
Suggested materials:
  • Pine 2x4s, rustoleum camoflauge flat black spray paint for the casters and braces, Sherwin Williams   (Home Depot)
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