My Closet and Bedroom Makeover

31 Days
My closet was workable 30 years ago. Unfortunately what worked back then has not worked for the last couple of years. I joined a "support" group online for a thirty day challenge. I made my plans during the month of July and then the actual work was done the month of August.
the closet that didn't work
I had stuff piled everywhere, which did not make for a comfortable room. The closet had stuff in it that didn't belong (non-clothing items) and I could rarely even walk into it.a
remove what doesn't belong
too much stuff! First you start removing what doesn't belong
ugly closet
When we first did our bedroom, we built two small walk in closets reusing materials we already had to save money. It was actually a narrower end of the room which had many issues.
Now you can see the nicer things in our room.
couldn't see the dressing table
I had containers of clothing and so much stuff in front of the bedroom window I couldn't open the curtain.
sorting took over the bed
If you don't sort the stuff you want to put away, you end up storing things you no longer need or use.
My newly organized closet
We used a Rubbermaid Configurations closet system to create different levels of hanging and shelves.
more of the closet
I have three tiers of hanging on the left and two on the right. I have also purchased fabric baskets to hold items for the upper shelf. I plan to add shelves to the back wall, although I debated whether to put a full length mirror there. As I have a full length mirror on my dressing table, I decided the shelves were more important.
Now I can see treasured items instead of piles of stuff.
Our bed is now for sleeping and relaxing.
I have a woven basket that I toss the pillows in before going to bed. The doll moves to another perch at night.

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  • Cindy Jo Cindy Jo on Apr 04, 2017
    I really like the way your bedroom is decorated; love looking at the different pictures/objects :).

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Apr 05, 2017
    Thanks! I kept the things that meant something special to myself and/or my husband. I'll never be a minimalist, because I like my "stuff" where I can see it!