#DIY Mermaid Tail From A Repurposed DollarTree Witch Hat! #repurpose

Kimberly Jonesy
by Kimberly Jonesy
2 Materials
1 Hour
I am on my way to creating a new idea for the witch hat for the folks who love wreaths and enjoys unique ways to craft. I am working on a as well. Stay tune for that idea soon -on my Youtube channel.
First of all here is a very simple instructional guide for the mermaid tail.
Take apart all the tinsel. Leave on all the nubs around the hat. These nubs allow the deco mesh to stay on the form.
Supply list: Deco mesh (ombre blues) from Hobby Lobby. Pipecleaners, birthday crown, twine, shells, rhinestone white mesh ribbon, witch hat, pink and yellow flowers, butterfly wings, all from DollarTree. White pearl like beads from an old broken necklace I had. I save all broken jewelry pieces!
Start at the bottom and work your way upward toward the brim of the hat. (yes, the hat is upside down). Try to wrap a bust. If Not, that is okay. Tie with pipecleaner and tuck in the back.
Now take the rhinestone ribbon from DollarTree and wrap around the tail. Giving it some sparkle and bling. Then use white pearl like beads to wrap another design. If you do not have pearl like beads, pick up some party beads/necklace from Dollartree in silver. Use those.
Now take the birthday crown and remove the Happy Birthday. Use hotglue to decorate with shells and whatever you want. Take a pipecleaner, and tie it to the end of the crown arms. Now twist, then poke them into the brim of the witch hat, and twist again. This will secure the crown.
Crown is secured, trim off the extra pipecleaners that are sticking out.
Now the tail is a DollarTree butterfly wing (costume) that I bent and manipulated into fins. Now, I hotglue it on, but, I suggest to tie on with a pipecleaner, if, you can get it through the mesh. I wrapped the mesh real tight, and could not get a pipecleaner throught the tail end, so, I hotglued and pressed firmly. I am working on a glass cutting board when I do this.
Now with the remaining beads, I cut them up and individually glue them on the tip of the tail. On both sides of the wreath. This will hide the area where I glued the wings, plus add more support and design!
I decided to place a pipecleaner off more on the left of the brim so the wreath hangs just a tiny bit off center. I glued on shells and more rhinestones here and there. Decorate the way you want. Hint: It is BEST to own a hotglue gun that has a high and LOW temperture setting, for, I only glue with hotglue on low to adhere to deco mesh. HOT hot glue will melt right through. Use low temp!
And here is the I am working on. It will take me two days. For I have used paint, too.
The photo is a blur but look at the size. Thank you very much for viewing. I hope this idea inspires you and please say Hello if you want to.
Miss Jones
Bay City, MI
Suggested materials:
  • DollarTree Witch Hat
  • Ombre deco mesh
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