Garage Sale Bird Bath Makeover With Unicorn SPiT

Betty Jason Kirklin
by Betty Jason Kirklin
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I have been playing with Unicorn SPIT for a few months now and found this beautiful ceramic birdbath at a garage sale for $12. It already had a coating from the factory so there was no need to use a primer before starting my project. The toughest part was cleaning it well with a little Dawn and a scrub brush and letting it dry for a day.
Bird bath from garage sale.
Scrub the bird bath with Dawn and a stiff brush. Get all dirt off. Let dry for a day.
Used Unicorn Spit to paint over stampings.
Unicorn SPiT is THE most magical versitile product on the market! Www.unicornspit.Com (check it out!) I diluted my Unicorn Spit by 50% and applied carefully to the stampings on the bird bath. Choosing colors was the hardest part here.
Inside of bird bath bowl.
I wanted a true watery effect here so I used the new color Navajo Jewel in with the Tia Teal, Purple Hill Majesty, and Blue Thunder. I did not dilute for this part of the project. I started by squirting in a circular pattern and then brushed each color out to cover the inside of the bowl. I did add some extra Spit where needed and blended to look good.
Unicorn Spit must be sealed by oil base.
After the Unicorn Spit is completely dry, I took outside and sprayed Spar urethane oil based outdoor spray sealer making sure to get all the Spit covered. I did 3 coats of spray especially on the bowl. This will need to "cure" or harden for a minimum of 7 days indoors before using. Now, for all the bird lovers... this will not harm birds. Chemically treating your lawn and old products with lead and zinc are what kills birds. I would drink from this bowl if you want to know! The key is to let the spar urethane cure here.
Finished product!
As you can see, the Unicorn Spit really pops with color after the spar urethane. It is ready to go and my mother in law loves it! This can be used on any of your old outdoor yard ornaments also. If they have been painted or treated there is no need to prime. Just use the Unicorn Spit to bring vibrant life back to your yard!
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn Spit   (
  • Spar Urethane spray outdoor   (Lowes)
  • Paintbrush   (Michaels, Lowes anywhere)
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  • Jo Tucker Jo Tucker on May 14, 2018

    I have a concrete bird bath .. before l use unicorn spit paint, what do l paint it with?

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