How to Make an Easy Hanging Bird Bath for Your Garden

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Our easy hanging bird bath couldn’t be simpler to make. As a bonus, it also doubles as a bug hotel providing lots of natural materials for insects to hibernate in.

All living things need water, and birds are no exception. Birds need a constant water source both for drinking and bathing to keep the feathers in top condition.

Providing a safe, clean, regular water source for the birds in your garden year-round will help attract more wild birds into your garden. One way to ensure that birds can drink and bathe away from predators is to provide a hanging water bath for them to use.

What you need to make a hanging bird bath

  • Hanging basket
  • A shallow dish that fits inside your chosen hanging basket 1-2 inches deep. We used a plant pot saucer for ours.
  • A selection of natural materials. We used moss, pine cones, sticks and dried leaves.
  • Two bamboo skewers to hold the dish in place
How to make a hanging bird bath.

Start by lining the hanging basket with moss. The moss will give your hanging bird bath a nice natural look and help it blend into its surroundings. It’ll also provide the birds with some extra nesting material in Spring.

Fill the body of the hanging basket with a mixture of natural materials. The material will form the solid base for the bath part of the bird bath, so try and fill it evenly and press down, so the dish sits straight.

We used a mixture of pine cones layered with dried stems and leaves to fill our basket. Not only are these materials readily available and free to collect, but they will also act as a fab environment for hibernating insects over the winter.

So this hanging bird bath will also serve as a bug hotel in your garden.

Sit the dish that will hold the water on top of the natural materials and use two bamboo skewers to hold it in place (see photo). The skewers will stop the dish tipping and the water spilling.

Once the dish is secure, trim the skewers to avoid anything injuring itself on them.

We weaved some pliable stems around the basket edge to give the birds something natural to land on and popped a perch across the centre of the dish for the same purpose.

Finally, hang the bird bath in a spot your garden birds like to visit and fill the dish with water.

Within a few days, you’ll hopefully spot your birds making the most of their new hanging bird bath.

For more ideas on how to support wild birds check out our Ten easy ways to attract birds to your garden post and our How to make a cute window bird feeder tutorial.

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  • Shirley Hearn Shirley Hearn on Sep 12, 2021

    How do you plan to clean it? My birdbaths need to be cleaned quite often especially when some of the larger birds use it.

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